Outdoor Underground Smellproof Plant Case

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by austyn12, May 26, 2013.

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    When i was high today i thought about ways to mask smell of weed outdoor . I realized if i dug a hole like 4 feet deep and 1-3 feet wide in my backyard for my plants i could make a hidden smellproof farm .Then  put wood in it to keep it from falling apart from mud and made a tunnel like 2 feet deep. Then had a hole to the top i could make a little filter for plants outdoor . Would this work? IM not sure how i would make a tunnel that would be one of hardest parts . When you think about it i could have alot of air fresheners or somthing like that  to mask smell . Any ideas? IM sorry im not sure how to word this im half awake .

  2. I mean, you get +1 for creativity I guess. :confused_2:
    Doesn't seem very practical.
  3. I know ill have to make it better but i love outdoor plants they best bud ever. I hate having worry about the smell tho.
  4. Uhhh it sounds like that would take the outdoor out of outdoor plants.
  5. not really its still the same bud your just taking away the smell that people worry about.
  6. What I mean is it doesnt even sound like it would get sufficient sunlight.
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    ohh i get you hmm good point ill have to check that out tommrow i got the hole dug allready. I know people dig the hole to hide plants tho thats how i got the idea . I just made it alot more complicated.

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