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Outdoor UK Growers ?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by sn00py, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Hi there -

    I'm hoping I can draw on other peoples experiences of growing outdoors in the UK. I'm starting a grow around the end of April this year, in a quiet secluded spot and I'm looking for advice on which strains are suited to the UK's fairly crappy summer ...

    I have had a look through various seedbanks and I've found the following candidates :

    (Passion #1)

    (Californian Orange)

    (Hollands Hope)

    (Super Haze)

    (Super Girl)


    (White Rhino)

    There are obviously many more choices of seeds, my only stipulation is that they must be feminized (and grow in the UK's temperate climate)

    Does anyone have experience with the above ?? (In the UK or similar climate, if possible although ALL advice is gratefully recieved)

    The grow will be entirely OUTDOORS, IE. No greenhouse etc.

    Are there any other strains I should consider ? :confused:

    For anyone who HAS grown in the UK - What sort of yield *could* I expect from a 10 plant grow (All feminized seeds)

    Many many many thanks to anyone who can pass on some information -

    Take it easy, stay safe.

    ~S :devious:
  2. forget bout white rhino, its a fuckin teaser mate, i grew it last year, it vegged really well and looked amazing but it started flowering way too late and started to get moldy in october when n it hadnt even been flowering that long at all, i would go with hollands hope if i were you, having said that...its grim up norf!!! dunno what its like where u are

  3. Hello m8, cheers for the reply !!

    I'm probably around the same lattitude as you, I'm in North Wales so it's not too hot up here during the summer either !

    Have you grown Hollands Hope yourself ?

    I wish I could do an indoor grow, but sadly it's not possible =(
  4. my mate grew some hollands hope in huddersfield and it was proper nice, last year i grew early misty and it was soooooo good, this year im gonna grow gamble with some swiss miss, the problem with the UK is that you are refined to only a handfull of strains to pick from, you cant grow sativas, you cant always be too fussy about strength and taste, ive checked all the seed banks on t'internet and the only strains which sounded do-able where early strains or crossed with early strains.

  5. Hi again m8, are we the only people from the UK here lol.

    Thanks again for the reply - I am very tempted by Hollands Hope, as you said we are limited to only a few strains because of the crappy climate here. Misty looks very nice ! I may get a pack of them also as they seem fairly cheap ..

    Mmm. Damnit, it's still ages until I can get going ! It's very frustrating !

    I'd appreciate some help, when the time comes as I'm sure I'll need advice.

    Cheers for the reply ! Have a good weekend :cool:
  6. Hello from another UK citizen :D
    I've grown White widow outdoors althougth i did flower early by shutting it in a shed for 12 hours ;)

  7. Hello m8. Hmm ! WW ! How did that go for you ? I hear it's a bit of a pain to grow over here !
  8. Grew well for me:) . I had some growing indoors and outside, The indoors did better but there was no complaints about the outdoors grown :D
    Thinking of growing some LR's this year outside as they should be finished while we are still getting good sunlight ;) .

  9. I doubt there would be many who'd complain where WW is concerned lol. :cool:

    LR ! I dont know what that is !
  10. Low ryders!!!
    Auto-flowering, start in may finish early july :D

  11. Ahh ha ! I get you !

    I've seen some info on those - #1 & #2, good on the whole flowering early - but the yield isn't up to much apparently ?

    Still ! Any is good right ?!
  12. My outdoor has already been started, indoors under some CFLs.
    But it's not true that you can't grow sativas or other longer flowering strains here; you can grow anything and get good results, it's just about how you do it and how well you plan it.
  13. An early starter ! Unfortunatley I cannot do any of my grow indoors - Am I likely to loose plants (seedlings) if I plant them outside after they germinate ?

    I've been worrying about this ! I hope not ...

    What did you decide to grow ?
  14. I'm just using a few Papaya seeds from my previous indoor grow.
    If you germinate them now, yes, and dont put them in a greenhouse or somewhere else warm.
    It's usually around this time of year we get the worst of the weather, even more so than in December.
    I'd wait until the end of february at least, and if you can start them on a windowsill or something in your house.

  15. Hi Pierre, thanks for the response.

    I was meaning could I loose a few plants if I germinated end of April or the beginning of May and transplanted to my grow spot ?

    The weather is about to get cold here next week so I wouldn't dream of putting anything outside ! =)
  16. I don't think so, no.
    As long as you're careful transporting them and transplanting them, and you've prepared your spot well you should do fine.

  17. Cheers Pierre .. This was worrying me a little. Thanks for your help, goodluck with your grow.

    Roll on April !
  18. ye i cant wait eiva, hopefully global warming will do its bit to make sure we get some good results

  19. It's supposed to be the hottest year (globally) this year. Bad on so many levels, but potentially great for cultivation :smoking: :( :smoking:
  20. Another outdoor uk grower here ;)

    Going to start them off indoors sometime soonish, hopefully they'll be trees come late summer/autumn!

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