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  1. Not much of a grow folks, to be honest its a poor excuse for an outdoor grow, but its something! Lol.
    I live in Scotland, weather conditions are poor but i had 15 seeds saved up from a few months worth of bags I was saving for spring. Planted them late April early June not sure (which i soon found out was actually too early) but 3 sprouted! One died cos i put it in the conservatory cos it was really warm, but it shriveled up and died cos of the heat, and the other died cos i was too heavy handed, oops

    Not put any attention into this thing really, just stuck it in a plant-pot already full of soil and made sure it got watered now and then. Not expecting anything off it either im just curious how it goes and wanna see if its even possible to grow in Scotland, to be honest im pretty surprised with the results so far.. not sure if its male of female yet though.

    Lemme kno what you think so far?...

  2. your plants are lookin really nice man!

    congratz :smoke:
  3. Cheers man!
    Its all the same plant though, i take a pic every now and then.
    Will update if it gets any bigger or starts flowering..
  4. OMG:smoke:

    that looks identicle to one i have. bagseed to

    the picture was taken a couple of weaks ago but ill update tomorrow if its not raining

    do you know what strain yours is?

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  5. Wow thats my plant!! Lol, yours is lookin pretty strong aswell! Think they did so well cos of the mini heatwave we had? Mind you its crappy weather now, wonder how they will get on?
    Nah bud i dunno what strain it is or if its even female. If its male im still gonna keep it to see how it goes. Never grew a plant before.
    Dont think they start flowering until mid September? Then you gotta wait 2 weeks before seeing any signs of male/female? Is that right?
  6. Poor excuse of an outdoor grow? Are you joking me?! It looks great! And to determine if it is male or female do this.

    On the 'armpits' of the stems look for pistils (they look like white hairs). If they are present then you have a female :D

    If not and you have small balls (pollen sacks) it is a male. But don't worry, you can still make hash from it :)

    They might not have started sexing yet so don't worry. Just check every now and then.
  7. Thanks man!
    No sign yet, but ill keep an eye out.
    How to you know when its going to start flowering and how long does take usually?
  8. its great to see photos of other ppls plants - makes me feel more relaxed about the lighter colour on the ends. Good job so far!

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