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  1. hey, my friend has a plant that she leaves outside during the day, but during the night she brings it in (For various reasons)
    well, it has been flowering for about a week and a half or two and i think it looks decent.

    i think she said she topped it twice

    shes had to leave it alone for days at a time becuase she goes on trips
    and also, she had it in a pot that was too small and i think that restricted the growth a substantial amount.

    here is the plant :)




    it started to rain, and we brought the plant in, so thats why its wet

    and is there anything i need to do to the plant?
    or do i put anything in the soil before it completely flowers?
    or does everything look ready to go?

    thanks gc :wave:
  2. no one got any tips for a fellow friend in need?
  3. just let it do its thing
  4. make sure you have adequate ventilation/airflow or you will end up with powdery mildew like i did. I had to start bringing it in at night for security purposes and after the second night it started to developed the dreaded PM.
  5. Make sure you have it in a dark spot when inside. The plant looks just a little over watered to me. The leaf tips look a liittle burned. I like the dark green I am seeing.

    How often does she water it? When the plant is dry do the leafs stand up? Or do they always have that claw foot droop? This will tell you if it is over watering.

    Tell her next year to use more perlite in her soil mix.
  6. whenever she brings it inside, she keeps it in the garage blocked off with a fan on it at all times.
    i think she was watering a bit too much and i told her to knock it down to about once a week.

    and thanks for all the tips everyone, been kind of a tough first grow.
  7. I'm in texas as well hoping my bitch will hurry up!

  8. hope everything goes well for you bro! :smoke:
  9. i would use some nutes.
    butes never hurt, if you do it right, plus the added benefits are nice

    i stop using nutes for the last two weeks when im growing tho.
    just to get the plant clean i guess.

    nice plant tho mann
    214 allllll day ;)
  10. For sure bro you too! Thank god all that heat is gone though now our baby's will be a lot more comfortable flowering outdoors.:hello:
  11. I can see you are using regular tap water to feed her. get a ph tester its 8 bucks, and some ph down. let the water sit out for 24hours if you cant get distilled/filtered water. chlorine is causing your leaf tips to burn.
  12. thanks for the tip!
    but we dont use tap water.
    its been raining like hell lately so shes been collecting rain water and using that.
  13. from the way the tips are turning brownish/orangish and the crumbling up looks like a zinc deficiency.
    i'd lower the ph, flush, and add a nice micronutrient formula.
  14. hmmm. could be zinc or potassium def. also wouldn't hurt to check the acid levels in the rain in your area. getting ph down might work, if you check the ph that will help allot im sure. And just so you know even if you dont water with tap now, if you/SHE did in the past it could have gotten a quick burn from chlorine. and has a scars to prove it. PEACE,MACKd9
  15. sorrry man beat ya to it ;)
  16. lol damn you this is not a race!.... or wait where am i?!!:eek: thats good some people are on the same page. you beat me by 30 seconds!!!
  17. haha 30 secs damn close one

    yeah and its deff goood to see that GC blades know what they're talking about :)
  18. hey dank tank,
    what part of the DFW you stay at?
  19. im in hurst as of now.
    but im a modern day nomad so my ass is always moving around.

    what about you my mannn
  20. Damn it's good to see some texas peeps on here. 512 till i die sonnnnnnn:hello:

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