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Outdoor temps for autos

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by 1435, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. A couple of autos almost four weeks old need to go to the great outdoors. It’s still getting into the 40s at night and it’s not unheard of for the temp to occasionally go into the high 30s this time of year. Will this damage otherwise healthy autos (big bud and northern lights).
    I know it’s not ideal, but wanted to draw on the experience of the group for some advice. Thanks
  2. This one dipped into freeze overnight for about 2 weeks. Wasted the plant. If you're not going to keep it warm, it's not worth the trouble.
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  3. Wow. Bummer.
    It won’t (or shouldn’t) freeze anymore in my area and circumstances dictate the move and leave me little choice. I was wondering if high 30s and 40s would greatly affect the plant through it’s last month. I’ve tried to search on the topic but haven’t found much.
  4. That was my first auto. But I'm thinking anything below 60f will have some effect, and get worse from there.
  5. Your probably right. I can’t find much but it looks like under 55 is a problem. I guess nobody else has had this issue.
  6. As long as your not dipping into freezing or frost temperatures the plant will survive. Cold temps slow or just stop growth.
    You can tent the plant at night with plastic and bamboo sticks to keep it warm.
  7. Great! Thanks for the response. I still have almost a month before it has to go out, so maybe I will be ok after all.

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