Outdoor Survalence Camera?

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  1. Was wondering where I could get an outdoor survalnce camera,video camera that I could put up at my site, i could have swore I saw someone by my area today but then when i went ot look around the woods there was no one there to be found, i was hung over so it couldve been that, but i wanna get a video camera thing just to make sure I know if I should move some plants to another plot.

    The plants are looking very nice, got back from the shore today and they are growing beautifully. Pictures tommorow
  2. DUDE I WAS JUST THINKING THIS i was actually about to start a post except my situation is i cut thru the undeveloped/abandoned/ overgrown housing suburb that im planting close too and saw a cop parked close to the entrance. i think he was just hiding trying to catch speeders but still sketched me out to have one within about a half mile of my spot.

    Im thinking about getting one of those trail cams that strap to a tree that hunters use to scope out hunting spots. but their pretty expensive so idk. check them out at Bass Pros web site.
  3. the problems with the hunting trail cam idea are:

    -the flash might not spook a deer but if a cop or the DEA was stomping arround looking for your crops a bet a flash would definately tip them off
    -you have to return to the camera to check the pictures...if a cop sets it off and notices it they know you'll be back in a few days and i bet they'd be waitng
  4. WEll its definitely wasn't the 5-0 but i want something to watch my grow area all day and i can bring back n look on my computer
  5. then a trail cam seems right for you!!:D haha

    most are motion activated, some just take a pic every 5 seconds all day, almost all have a removable SD card or little Flash Drive so you can review the pictures on a digital camera or on a computer
  6. Where can i get one of these?

  7. See if you can borrow someone's computer or phone and google it ;)

  8. that would work haha love when people think for themselves

    but you can get them at just about any sporting goods store with a hunting department. idk where your located but im in the south and i could probably get one anywhere Bass Pro Shops, Dicks Sporting Goods, Gander Mountain, and some other privately owned stores arround here just to name afew.

    hell walmart probably even has them
  9. i live in Canada and we can get these camera's some without flash some on timers yadda yadda yadda at any CanadianTire or Walmart, anywhere that sells hunting goods.. I am hopeing to have one soon as some bastard has stolen some stuff from my site
  10. If i go to Dicks how much you think itll run me
  11. dude. seriously. you on a computer to be on this website, just go to dicks website and look
  12. Im too lazy, but not lazy enough to post on GC haha, just asking someone that has boughten one before
  13. just sayin dude people are gonna get tired of spoonfeding you info and quit replying to your threads.

    but i think they are like 60 to 300 bucks depending on quality
  14. Hmm okay thanks, yeh i know its probably annoying, but I just dont even know what to search for anyways, i hate looking for shit on websites cause I can never find what im lookin g for
  15. its all good dude. i dont care i just know some people on here will chew your ass out .

    since im lookin at gettin one too, heres some links fo yo lazy ass hahaha:D


    Bass Pro Shops Search Results


    Scouting Cameras - Electronics - Dick's Sporting Goods
  16. Will also those keep survalnce* for 24hours?

  17. yea pretty sure. they all can do day and night pictures. you wont have like a live feed that you can watch or anything, just pics when you go to check it...well hopefull ,if nothing goes by to set the camera off, you wont get any pics.

    somethin else that i learned is that some of the cameras that are more expensive have like infra-red flashes to take pics so you wont even be able to see the flash when the camera goes off. like a night vision camera watching over your weed. i think this is a huge plus cause if a person stubbles across it they get their pic taken and they have no clue. . . . just think about these 2 situations:

    1.cop finds your plants, camera takes his picture, he sees flash go off, finds camera, takes camera--now your out 100-400 bucks and have no idea who found your site and your probably gonna get screwed by who found it, either by rippers or the law

    2. cop finds your plants, camera takes his pic, he doesn't see the flash, they'll probably wait til your in the late flowering/harvesting stage to bust you, but you know he was there so when you go the next day to check you simply move the plants.
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    i HIGHLY doibt a cop will be at my spot, but if i see a picture of anyone, my plants are get
    ting transported asap.

    and if anything the camera will go off when it is light out, so odds are the flash wont be seen
  19. Anyone know a good infrared surveillance camera? My friends step dad used to have a nice live camera that was night vision when needed and reached far into the middle of the street at the end of his driveway. Anyone have suggestions for one?

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