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  1. This thread is for posting strains you have had good success and yield with outdoors. I know that there is no definite answer to the best outdoor strain but lets hope we get close. Please post pics also!
  2. My strawberry cough plant is about 6 foot tall and is gonna have a very large yield for a potted outside plant.
    My WW Outdoor in the ground is almost 5 feet tied down and will get a large yield as well.
    One of my personal favorite outdoor strain was a NL strain my buddy had. Damn.
  3. G-13 grew huge for me with no mold. Oregon...

  4. For a guerilla grow, Spontanica and KC33 are probably the 2 best od strains available and KC brains is the one and only breeder on the market that breeds for outdoor strains. Both strains are extremely vigorous and huge, and will yeild 2lbs if grown well. Bug/disease proof.

    Blue widow from Dinafem is a good guerilla strain and is one of the fastest earliest fininshers ive grown. Biddy early doesnt have amassive yeild but its other qualities superceed yeild. Sensi star is in the same category. All good gueriilla strains.

    Gueriilla growing requires plants of a tougher quality. They dont get much care and have to fend for themselves.
  5. theres that infamous 2009 grow!! that thing kept growing and growing.........................
  6. Californian Skunk Haze, hands down.
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    Ive got a kushberry/K2 cross that is amazing outdoors so far. Big and round all close to about 7 foot tall and dark green and healthy. They take all the food I can give them and ask for more without ever burning. No bug issues or mildew or rot. Its just an amazing, trouble free, maintenance free plant . Cant comment on yield yet but there are a tremendous amount of bud sites so I expect with its size and being a heavy indica strain they will produce lots of great medz. I will return in a month and a half and let you all know with pics. killer.

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