outdoor strains germ report(barneys, ghs, world of seeds)

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  1. so, ....someone I know quite well:devious: ordered from attitude around the end of april.

    he ordered:

    2 lemon amnesia from bf
    5 lsd from bf
    5 vanilla kush from bf
    5 himalayan gold from ghs
    3 high tension from world of seeds

    got a free moby dick, sweet deep grapefruit, critical haze, the church, and a bubba kush.

    he decided to hold onto the bubba kush and moby dick and save them for next year or maybe an indoor grower that might want them.

    well, guess what??? every single seed that he tried to germinate ...GERMINATED!!!! so, yeah....quality beans.;)

    so on a completely unrelated subject;), this guy I know is gonna buy a car this fall.... he's thinkin' maybe a type 3 vw

    notch or square??? he's not that big of a fan of the fastbacks.

    notchbacks are way more expensive, though.
    TheSamba.com :: VW Classifieds - 1965, 65 notchback, vw type 3

    actually, fastbacks are pretty cool
    TheSamba.com :: VW Classifieds - VW Type III 3 Fastback 1967

    here's a squareback that's in pretty good shape.
    TheSamba.com :: VW Classifieds - Beautiful original paint 1967 square

    or perhaps a nice bay window? ..the older models just aren't worth the money, I think. although looking at them just makes me smile. these are def cool, too.
    TheSamba.com :: VW Classifieds - 1979 vw riviera 4berth campervan

    my friend's also thinkin toyota or nissan/datsun pick ups. it'd come in handy next year for my friend.

    also thinkin' about old z cars....he's not sure yet.
  2. they all sound like great strains, do barneys farm strains stay small ?

  3. I remember hearing that lemon amnesia is quite short, especially for a sativa. didn't order red dragon, but remember hearing that that one does, too.

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