Outdoor Strains for Massachusetts

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jamestsmith, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hi! Next year I want to try and grow for the first time. It will definitely be an outdoor grow. Can anyone here reccomend some strains that have been previously successful in Massachusetts? This weekend is the Hempfest in Boston and I plan to go. Thanks!
  2. Hmm; you'll *probably* want a mostly-indica strain. When's your first frost up there, and do you guys get a lot of rain in the August-October months? If you don't (or just get a normal amount), you have a lot of choices . . . White Russian is incredible, though I think it goes into mid-October; Afghan is a classic and somewhat underrated because of how old it is, but it'll give you some incredible pot; Hindu Kush is great too.

    Just flip through the seedbanks and look for indica-dominant plants with a harvesting time 8 weeks or under probably. Also don't worry about "indoor" seeds and "outdoor" seeds; you can grow any plant outside.

    If you do have wet autumns, you might want to opt for more of a hybrid, or you could just grow one of the heavy indicas and top it alot, which leads to a bunch of smaller colas instead of one huge one. This'll space your buds out and reduce the chances of mold.

    Really you have a lot of options where you live. If the seedbank doesn't list harvest dates, go by the length of flowering time and assume flowering starts around the first week of August (give or take a week). Flowering time doesn't start at 12/12 outside, it's more of a gradual transition than that.
  3. sorry i don't have anything to contribute to this, i just thought i'd mention i'm going to hempfest in boston too saturday =D

    of course, i asked for the day off from work 2 months ago.. TWO.. and my boss STILL put me on then.. i'ma kill em.
  4. Thanks for the input. I was figuring on Hollands Hope ,Passion #1, and Mandala #1 because they are suppose to be for this kind of weather. I'm originally from south Georgia and we have a longer season there, but really hot weather in july/august. This will be my first grow and I have the perfect spot picked out...(I think:) I lived in Amsterdam for 3 years and visited a couple of months ago and just decided that next year I'm going to grow my own stuff. .................Hey, IWEARPANTS,....what a name. hit me up at the fest. i can rock your world with some trans-himalayan hash from coffeshp kadinsky:) you'll have to have something good to match that!

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