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  1. Well I have some seeds on there way here from Attitude.

    But for now I am practicing with bag seeds, I have had a few germinate and sprout now. I am using bag seeds for practice so when the female plants are started I will semi know what to do.

    As of right now, I got 3 little sprouts that I take outside during the morning, and keep under some cheap ass lights I just gathered around my house. (Seems to be working, probably the wrong spectrum). But for now it keeps them alive, I plan on planting them in the ground outside sometime in April. I THINK our last front as already passed but not to sure. I will try to keep these plants alive and hopefully they turn out female. If not I will definitely get rid of real quick lol.

    So as for soil, I want to pick up a few bags of Fox Farm but I haven't done so yet. For the bag seeds I am just going to plant in the native soil here (which isn't that well). I hope to have 5-6 female plants growing with the seeds from Attitude plus hopefully two of these. I want FF soil for all the female seed. Hopefully the local hydro shop has it. Never been to the one here yet.

    I have bat guano for fertilizer and I heard that its high in Potassium, which is what plants want during flowering. Hopefully this is true.

    So a few questions, for a 2x2 foot hole, how much FF soil will I need? Bag wise?

    Also, how do I go about applying the bat guano to the plants?
    Do I premix it into the soil? Or do I somehow add it during the flowering stage? If so, how?

    Here are some pictures of the sprouts.
    Notice how one of them is missing a leaf, not to sure how that happened. I don't ever remembering seeing it grow with it, and I am almost positive I didn't knock it off. Weird plant haha.
    Stay lifted grassscity, and good luck to all other growers :)

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  2. Small update

    The plants are now almost two weeks old, and are looking very good to me !

    I think I will use this same method when I germinate my good seeds.

    These are the strains I will plant this year.

    World of Seeds - Strawberry Blue
    Barneys Farm- Red Dragon
    Barneys Farm- Blue Cheese
    G13 Labs- Purple Haze
    Cali Connection- Buddha Tahoe

    Hopefully all goes as planned :)

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  3. They are looking good! Do you plan on doing so training like LST or topping? The time were you should be able to should be coming soon. Good luck. Toodles :wave:
  4. Yeah I wanted to lst. I am not sure about topping, I went and read how to do it and I am still a bit confused.

    But these are just bag seeds so they are perfect to practice on :)

    Any advice on the best way to lst? I am going to be transplanting just straight into the ground in about a week or so. And so I am guessing that's when they will be about ready.

    Thanks for the input!
  5. Hmmm since u are planting directly into the ground, I would suggest the metal hook way. Where you bend the plant to desired, then take a piece of hanger or paperclip, make it into a hook, and stab it into the ground, preventing the plant from standing back up. Go to the Plant training section, its thier. Hope I helped alittle. They are truely looking great though. But are you transplanting into native dirt for these? or do you plan on using a mix and what not in dug out holes.
  6. Well money is tight right now, so with these bag seeds plants I am going to plant directly in the native soil (which unfortunately isn't very good). But when I grow out my better seeds I plan on buying Fox Farms soil and filling the dug out holes with those.
    Probably 2 by 2 foot? Would that be a big enough hole?

    Also with 5 plants, how many bags of soil you think I'll need? (I know that's impossible to tell, but a guesstimate (guess/estimate) lol.
  7. For a 2x2 hole , one bag of FF should do it .

    for applying the bat guano ; several ways to do it ( instructions should be on the bag ) . I mix it with water and let it sit over night then apply .

    I'm tuned in , since your close to home :) hope all goes well.
  8. Awesome, I was thinking about one bad per plant (I think about $20 a bag, maybe and hopefully cheaper) lol,

    Okay, maybe the bag will tell me how to do this. I got so much of it.

    I am confused about your method though, you just let it sit in a bucket of water then add both the water and guano to your plants? That kind of makes sense lol.

    I am hoping to grow some dank stuff out here during this Texas summer. I got some indica and sativa strains. Hopefully both grow well.
  9. Yeah the bag usually runs about $20 . I usually fill up 4 - 5, 3 gallon pots with one bag .

    Yeah I put ( i think ) like 2 or 3 teaspoons per gallon of water and mix it up , let it sit over night , give it a quick swirl the next day then just water your pots ..i dont really think letting it sit over night is necessary but just something I do .

    Texas summer sure does produce some dank stuff ; trust me .

    Grapefruit Krush from Emerald Triangle .

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  10. Those plants look beautiful :)

    Will you be growing this year as well? I am new to this site but I would like to follow yours as well, including if you live in Texas. I'd love to see some other growers here !

    And okay, I get what you are saying. That seems easy enough. And since its bat guano I should use it during the flowering stage correct?

    I appreciate all the help !
  11. What soil and nutes did you use?
  12. Of course , once you start you cant stop ! lol , here's a link http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/961746-moby-dick-dinafem-super-critical-autoflowering-green-house.html , its not my thread ( I dont really keep journals ) but just read through it and I have the info on my latest grow on there .

    Yeah most bat guano is for the flowering stages but they do have some for the veg. state . if you get a chance post a picture of the bat guano bag you have .

    I use the whole fox farm arsenal .
  13. Mine is actually just in a little yellow bag, I got 15 pounds for $5 at a farmers market I used to work at.

    The lady said it came from a cave which she has on her land, and they literally pull 18 wheeler loads worth of guano out of the cave. So they bagged it themselves, there is no writing or anything on it.

    And I will go give it a read through right now :)

    Okay, I heard that FF is the best, so I will probably do the same. I really want to get maybe just 4-6 ounces a plant. That is my goal lol.
  14. Oh ok thats cool ...

    FF has been working fine . Is it the best ......not too sure , I'm barely starting to venture out into using other nute.s there is so many with good reviews too ..

    4 -6 ounces is attainable but honestly if its your first time , dont expect so much off one plant . Also keep in mind to grow a plant that produces that much , shes going to get pretty big , so make sure you have proper sized pots ( at least 5 gallons ) and invest in some nutes ( grow big + big bloom for veg and big bloom and tiger bloom for the flowering ; they're all FF ) and remember different strains produce different : so you might get 2 off one and 4 on another who knows . Just keep them healthy .
  15. Yeah well I grew some bag seeds last year from seed to harvest and got about an ounce off of them by doing nothing but just adding water to the soil.

    So I expect with better soil, adding nutrients, and training the plant will definitely help me increase my yield. Not saying I will reach 4-6 ounces just saying that's what I'd like to get. I have plenty of land so them growing to big isn't scary.

    I just took a look at your plants, and set up. You got a bunch of seeds :)

    I am excited about the Strawberry Blue and Blue Cheese strains, those ones look so yummy lol.
  16. Ohh and I also plan on just planting them straight into the ground.
  17. Sounds good about having plenty of land : and as long as you keep them healthy and in proper sized pots you can definitely reach that goal outdoors .

    Yeah I'm definitely in this for the long haul , going to be making my own seeds this year for the first time so I'm excited .

    Yes the Strawberry Blue caught my eye too as well as the blue cheese .
  18. Like I said I am planting them in the ground, so they won't ever get root bound so hopefully they can explode :) lol.

    That would be awesome, good luck with that.
  19. Yeah I dont see no reason why they wouldnt unless the soil is just plain toxic .

    Thanks !
  20. And it shouldn't be since it grew a few plants last year :)

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