Outdoor Soil Mix Help!

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  1. Found a few Im still deciding on for this years outdoor grow. Maybe someone could help me out maybe which ones cheaper or if one if substantially better then the other!

    *****Not in the US Don't have FoxFarm & other American Soils******

    promix (3.8 cu ft) *****Better to use Pro-Mix HP or BX??????******
    8 cups Bone Meal - phosphorus source
    4 cups Blood Meal - nitrogen source
    1 1/3 cups Epsom salts - magnesium source
    3-4 cups dolmite lime -calcium source & pH buffering
    1 tsp fritted trace elements ******Not sure about these*****
    4 cups kelp meal.
    9kg (25 lbs) bag pure worm castings

    - Mix thoroughly, moisten, and let sit 1-2 weeks before use.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------•\t1 Bale ProMix BX w/ Mycorrhizae
    •\t20-50 lbs. Worm castings
    •\t16 Quarts Perlite
    •\t4 Cups Dolimitic Lime
    •\t4 Cups Greensand
    •\t4 Cups Kelp Meal
    •\t4 Cups Bat Guano (High N for Veg, High P for Flower)
    •\t2 Cups Gypsum
    •\t2 Cups Rare Earth
    •\tBeneficial Microorganism(water in with a gallon of water each time soil is turned)
    Innoculaid and beneficial bacteria mix

    ******Do you have to have the Beneficial Micro-organisms???????******

    Mix all ingredients in a large tarp until all ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the soil. Pour or Spray a gallon of beneficial microorganisms on the soil mix and turn several times. After a week, turn and pour another gallon of water on the mix. Mix 2-3 weeks prior to soil use.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 bag pro-mix for containers
    - 1 bag miracle grow organic choice - Garden Soil (it's ok that it says "not for containers")
    - 1 cup blood meal
    - 1 cup bone meal
    - 1/2 cup dolomite lime
    - +20% chunky or coarse perlite

    * This mix is enough to fill 10, 3 gallon bags.

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