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  1. I have not yet done this but i am trying to make a setup so i could grow with barely taking care of them.
    I work Monday-Friday and have no time to.

    Here we go...
    Ok so i wont get caught i want to grow in the local woods. Then I want to grow in a tree. I will find a tree close to the river that splits off at the top and that is covered in leaves. I will build a little nest out of 2x4 and secure the pots. Then I have to cut all the other tree's leaves and branches around this tree so it gets enough sunlight. (its kinda shady with all the trees around) Then I have a solar panal that i will hook up to a rechargable battery. I will plug in two things.. 1) a timer that will be timed when it should intake water. Once it goes off it will open a valve and water from a water jug that i will put up there will flow in. 2) a pump will be hooked up to the solar panel. So i will get pvc piping from the a river to the tree. But also i will have a purifier.

    Will this work or am i dreaming?

    So pvc pipe to tree in tree a wood nes camoflaged by leaves and crap going though purifier into jug. solarpowered thing to battery => timer lets water water plants.

    or does any1 else have an easier idea to water plants when i can only go once a week?
    because i was thinking of jsut cutting the pipe and pump thing and just have a jug and fill the jug up by hand every weekend

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