Outdoor reveg.. help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Corleone420, May 11, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone i have a small concern id appreciate some feedback on!
    Had 2 animal cookie clones indoor under 2 hps bulbs under 14/10 (my partners decision) they started budding bout 40 days into this. Took them into the greenhouse a week ago now theyre revegging i thought that was odd..

    They look great still branching only the new leave growth especilly towards the top( which were at one point small buds) arent very strong kinda cringy

    Is this a normal early transition thing? What can i do to promote these leaf-buds to grow strong?

    Btw using cocoa/perlite and i will post pics sorry i havent already!
  2. What season is it right now in your world?
  3. well im in california so its spring/summer getting hot we had approx 13.40hours of light when i brought them out
  4. They will reveg for a fall harvest, days are still getting longer for the time being.
  5. Same thing happed to me..I live in nor cal. Put 4 different strains out end of April, and one strain that flowers early started flowering now. The hours of sunlight when I planted it was right under 14 hours which is what it is in early august. All the other strains are fine , my cuvee ladies have kush heritage so thats why they flower early.

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