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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by thesottilekid, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. How we doing fellow farmers?? My question is simple. I am growing cannabis for the first time outdoors in a garden. My lil guy seems to be doing allright but just for starters i am basically just watering it daily. I was just wondering if theres anything i can mix in the water or feed it tht will make it stronger and produce better budds. Any advice is very appreciate thanks!
    -keep ya bowks packed!
  2. yea go get sum nitrogen rich ferts and give it that. follow the directions untill you see how how it works ..then whenever she starts to bud switch to a high Phosforus fert ..with sum mollasas in the water like table spoon everyweek
  3. Thanks any idea where to find the nitrogen and phosfurus ferts??
  4. The local hydroponic's store has the fertilizers you need. Also, cannabis doesn't need as much water as other plants so you don't need to be watering everyday.
  5. Garden center of any store. Get fish emulsion, blood meal, of bat or seabird guano. Really any shit, yes shit will work for nitrogen. Bone meal and other plant goods have p.

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