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  1. Hey, i recently just got back from walking out to my grow spot, right now i got 2 plants goin 1 is doin really good and it has 7 leafs and the other is kinda weather damaged but it has 5 leafs right now also i put a new seedling out there to see how it holds up in the weather and whatnot because i dont know how to take care of it without the proper lighting. Anyway when i went out there the weather damaged one was matted to the ground because of a big storm we had just 2 days ago, were still kind of comming out of the storm so i couldnt take any pictures because it was still lightly raining. I lifted the weather damaged one up and i put some soil around the base stem so that it could stand up somewhat, and i proped it up with some tooth picks that i brought with me. If anyone has any tips for me please let me know
  2. A tip..

    never plant seedlings outside,,until they have been grown under a flouro(at least)or HID light for a couple weeks to stabilize them,and provide strength to stem,,,at least about 8-12 inches tall with close nodes...


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