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  1. Hey guys
    I have what some would call good problems. For year's I grew indoors and still do over the winter. Lately I've really gotten into the outdoor grow, perhaps the last three summers.

    Anyway, last year I had some decent plants, and some new experiences. Had a weeks worth of rank week 8 of flower - bud rott. and had a weird 7' that never filled its buds when the others did. Anyway it's all learning.

    This year, is going great. Controllable pests (knock on wood), great weather, enough rain, I bought a new house and..... theyre in my back yard!! Lucky

    So these plants are not huge if you compare to you California Growers however here on the east coast of Canada they are doing great for our standards. All approximately 5 1/2 six feet, just pre flowering, full of nodes. I will upload pictures to anyone that wants to see them. On to the questions....

    They are in 5 and 6 gallon buckets. I had holes drilled in the buckets and I was watering every 2-3 days before they needed another watering. Which having two small children it becomes inconvenient and time-consuming. So I filled in the holes and now I am trying to figure out a good exact amount to give them every five or six days.

    1.) How much nutrients approximately should these guys be getting? I'm starting to see bottom leaves yellowing and drop. Should I be increasing the nutrients? I don't see nute burn. Things to consider I am just switching from Sensi grow to Jungle Juice bloom today or tomorrow. Before I filled the holes I was running about one and a half to two gallons through the soil when feeding. Appx 20% run off?

    2.) As long as I am careful to oversaturation is there any unforeseen problems that not having holes in the bottom of your buckets will create? Does the airflow do anything?

    3.) These are my fullest plants for outdoor grow. What other nutrients do experienced Growers recommend for delicious buds? As previously mentioned I had a 7 ft sativa last year that seemed to only form popcorn buds while the Purple Kush next to it gave me a half pound in four small 4' plants. Just the seed or wrong climate maybe?

    4.) They are also quite bushy in terms of fan leaves and that kind of thing. I've heard arguments of starting to thin the fan / sunleaves now so as it switches to flowering the nodes receive more light. Any arguments/suggestions?

    Thanks in advance everyone! 20170805_081112.jpg 20170805_081006.jpg 20170803_181814.jpg 20170803_181814.jpg 20170805_081112.jpg 20170805_081006.jpg
  2. Do the yellow leaves feel stiff like and pluck off easily? I think they could be rootbound causing you to loose the bottom leaves and it will work it's way up the plants. Any way you could dig a 2x2 hole for each plant or transplant into larger containers?
  3. All the plants looks like nitrogen deficiency. Also looks like your on the early side of underwatering.

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  4. C
    They probably are. Can I get away with heavier feeding? I'm just switching to bloom nutes today, can I still transplant? Would root growtj be worth it?
  5. What is your native soil like, does it drain good? I definitely believe you would get a bigger harvest if you transplanted straight into the ground with good amended native soil. Trying too add more nutrients to compensate can do more harm than good nutrient lockout.
  6. Put all those in 10 gallon pots with sunshine promix 4 and about 10% extra perlite. Get a bottle of GH floranova bloom. Feed at about 4ml/gallon.

    My buddy has used a plastic swimming pool with good success. Just fill it up with your favorite soil mix and poke a few holes in the bottom. Good for at least 2-3 plants.

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