outdoor plants flowering early!

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  1. First year doing no till and I put all my ladies in there pots on the 25 of april. Im in northern California and I was right under 14 hours of sunlight. 3 out of the 4 strains are fine but my 2 cuvee girls are showing flowering...today im at 14:02 of sunlight and 15 hours from dusk till dawn. Obviously it was too early for that strain. My question is will it go back to veg. As the days get longer? Thanks for any help
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  2. Yes. I asked this questioj myself, having quite a few problems with plants flowering cx
  3. I read that that since the strain I'm having trouble with has kush heritage, it flowers early..as I said earlier I'm at about 14 hours of light which is what is is around early mid august...so that would be early..I'm just hoping as the days get longer in the next few weeks it will go back and veg ...
  4. you sure its full on flowering and not just preflowers? pics would help.
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  5. Your plant will return to vegetative state in a few weeks as the days get longer, then will flower in Aug when the light cycle starts to shorten. When moving your plants outside from an indoor grow it is best to have the indoor light cycle adjusted down to about 16 hours before moving outside to avoid a large differential in the light change. Some varieties will start to bloom if they are switched from 24/0 to 14/10 without gradually shortening the daylength before moving outside.

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  6. I started in march slowly adjusting the light from 18 to the 14 hours when I put them out late april..but thank you
  7. I will get some pics for ya in a bit...

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  9. Update pls same mistake made here. Is it worth the time or should I start over while I can

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  10. Why not do both and see what works best for you/your area?

  11. A tip for any future pollen chucking: I've found pollenating the 'pre flowers' produces really vigorus and strong seeds over more developed flowers. Just something I noticed over a long term cubing project.

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  12. Wet - do you know of any good tutorials or resources for how to harvest pollen, or preserve it?

    Going to start growing from regular seeds and wanted to start a collection of pollen, for breeding, was wondering how long you can store it for and if it's complicated and all that. Want to breed me some acapulco gold with everything :love-mj2:

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