Outdoor plants bending

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  1. I transplanted from those Jiffy cups to 7.5 Air Pots, growing outdoors down south, lotsa sun, soil is moist.
    3 out of my 6 plants are bending over now, they were transplanted to the AirPots on 7/23, now 8/04.
    Stems are very thin, too early for them to start thickening?
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words. If you post a pic, you'll usually get back much more responses here.

    Sounds like you could use some silica to strengthen the stems, but I don't your strain info (sativa/indica) or anything to do with soil composition.

    Do you have any sticks that you could use for support?
  3. Stake and string.
    I drive a 1/2 or 3/4 EMT pipe next to the main stem and use brick cord to wrap the side branches as the buds start to drag the branches down. Some strains need more and some less.
    3/4x10feet = $5.70 per stick
    Masons line 250feet = $5.47 300lb test.

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  5. The strain is 10% Indica and 90% Sativa, soil is Fox Farm Ocean Forest.
    Plants were put in the Air Pots 7/23 rd
  6. Looks like those two are just exhibiting more transplant shock (imo). Did you use any rooting hormone when you transplanted?

    Use a small stake (kabob screwer works well on that size) and get them upright. It may be a few days, but the should perk up.
    Maybe set them in a less intensely lit area than the others, so as not to intensify their current state.
    If brassnwood has another idea, I'd listen to him tho. He's the outdoor guy. I'm still restricted to indoor.
  7. Happy to say they all straightened up on their own.

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