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Outdoor Plant training advice?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by drfeelgood9, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Hey, Im growing ~25 plants outdoors, in a humid area. I want to maximize my yield. Should I use any plant training technique and is it really going to increase my yield?
    they are all in the ground.
    If so ,which should I use?
  2. pictures!

    yes you can LST and top them if they aren't yet flowering. There are guides to both in plant training subform

    depends how many new main cola's you produce; but it will be anywhere from 50-200% yield increase.

  3. I have no pictures, Im just planning ahead.
    1st- Does topping them induce flowering earlier, thus making them finish earlier?
    2nd- Does the topping/LST'ing , increase the chance of mold outdoors?

    Thanks man!
  4. It won't effect flowering time, only a light schedule change will. I'm doing it right now outside and I have no mold problems what so ever.

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