outdoor plant showing balls.

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  1. well was out in the garden today just moving things around and noticed this.

    not super happy as I paid for fem'd seeds. I'm guessing its the SUPER irratic summer i've had here. 2 days of sun, 3 of rain, 1 sun, 2 rain.

    needs to be ripped yes?

    these pictures are both of the same plant. looks like the bottom of the plant starting to show signs of male. 20190626_113637.jpg 20190626_113646.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

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  3. hi there ive had plants that have a few male flowers at the bottom of a female plant pull the male flowers off and the plant turned out ok ,.i cant see any other male flowers starting only female ,,,but when or if you do pull them male flowers off keep your eye on the plant just incase it has hermie trats if you see any more i'd scrap the plant ,,,mac,
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  4. 10-4, thanks guys, i'll rip it when I get home from work.
  5. could this be caused by erratic outdoor lighting? or more likely genetics?

    strain is Dwarf low flyer from cropking
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  6. it could be the genetics ,mac,
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