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    Hey guys got another question.. I'm debating where to put my plants and if this spot works I can do a scrog outdoor becuz it will be next to a wall. I plan on building a raised soil bed and place netting over the top of it next to the wall.

    So the wall where the plants would be is facing east/ slightly north east but mainly east. And the wall would be behind the plants facing west/south

    Would my plants due fine there? The sun hits the wall early morning. Today it was at the base of the wall at 730-800am then it's basically all sun till the sun goes behind the wall.

    Is this important? Does it matter? Is this spot. A good place?
  2. Nice place.
  3. OMG

    Holy shit I'm an idiot
    I didn't even notice the GPS at the bottom.

    But that's not my house. And could you take that down please
  4. Done.
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  5. I've found up against a wall to be a good place at my house. I think the plant liked the radiant heat but I could be wrong. Given your approximate location, if you're getting 3/4 of the day in sun then you'll probably be fine.
  6. Another thing to consider is to turn off your location on photos. Otherwise pictures you take will be geotagged and people who are in the know can get that info from the metadata.
  7. In my experience, growing on an east wall is like growing under CFL in comparison to a west, or ultimately a south facing plot (South being optimal).
  8. Doing a scrog outdoors is pointless. The whole point of a scrog is maximising each buds exposure to static light source. Its meant for indoor growing. Outdoors the sun moves around each side of the plant as it moves through the sky. And also if you were to do a scrog you'd have to go to your spot almost every second day to tuck leaves and shit. And I assume you don't wana leave a path or be seen going there..

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  9. That's OK. I just have to move my plants away from the wall into the middle of my grow area and they will get sun almost all day ... but thank you for your input.

    This outdoor is in my back yard so I'm not worried about leaving a path..

    And there are plenty of videos and pics with people who have huge plants in a scrog outdoor. So to say it useless I don't believe...

    Any one else have experience with growing outdoors near a east facing wall
  10. Your plants will grow fine as long as you have more than half day direct sun.


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