outdoor plant, leaves turning yellow and purple at the bottom?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by doggerjones, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. hey everybody I've got 1 plant outside, about 1 foot tall at this point and been flowering for about 3 weeks. recently the leaves on the bottom nodes have been steadily yellowing, and recently I've noticed some purple tinge on the leaves. over the last 3 days or so the leaves have gotten quite purple and its working its way up to the higher nodes as well.

    i've heard a lot of ppl say it's from the cold, but it hasn't exactly been any different temps here recently. shouldnt be the case. recently I added some dolomite lime to the soil because my pH was too low but i'm not sure if that would do anything to make the leaves purple either. and i started it on a light molasses mix the other day as well

    here's some pics of the yellowing/purpleish leaves. they're from yesterday and since then it's gotten even more noticeable. kinda hard to tell in these pics, but its there



    and here's one of the cola, which looks good in my opinion despite the rest of the plant


    so ya anything anyone can guess is the problem would be nice. i'm gonna go out to buy a pH tester right now and i'll check the thread when i come back. i'm pretty sure low pH was the case tho, because I used a lot of peat moss which would make it acidic. cant be too sure tho so thats why im going to get the probe thing.

    anyway thanks in advance
  2. ok I just used the pH tester and the soil is about 6.9... maybe 6.95 lol

    but thats close enough, right? shouldnt be causing this crazy purple coloring stuff. It has been a little cold the past few days, maybe im just overreacting

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