Outdoor plant flowering early, What to do?

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  1. Hey guys, I have 3 plants growing this year, all the same strain (or so I think, bagseeds from a friend of a friend). 1 of them has went into flower last on the last week of june, other 2 showing no signs except pre flowers. Main questions are if I should be concerned being that seems really early to me, and what should I do about the nutes? none of them have been fed at all yet but im starting them as soon as this question gets answered, should I feed the flowering one bloom nutes, and the other 2 veg? all 3 bloom nutes? all 3 veg nutes? give a brotha some input. Btw I do have a picture heavy grow journal on this grow, here is the link if you wanna check it out. Boss’s Michigan Outdoor Grow 2019 Thanks guys! here's a pic of the flowers because im not lame. IMG_2277.JPG IMG_2264.JPG

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  2. Looks real far in to flower. Doing anything to revert to veg now could make it stress and/or hermie. Best of wishes
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  3. Seems to be I have no idea why, its get the same light and treatment as the others. I don't really care as long as it doesn't create any problems with it just an earlier harvest on that one right? so youd say bloom nutes? thanks for the feedback
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    I no longer grow with bottled nutes but yes looks like time to start introducing them. It's possible that it's a auto. If it's been 16+ hrs light I would definitely suspect auto. Best of wishes
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  5. sweet thanks man. ive never used any nutes before so its new to me, really want to use as little as possible to get what I desire. I thought that aswell but this bad boy was planted april 17th just like the others and it litterly came out of a bag of picked out bagseeds, mostly of the same bud but not guaranteed. The things about 7ft tall thatd be a big autoflower.
  6. It's not unheard of for autos to reach 7'.

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