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    Just thought I'd throw up some pics to show what you can do without using any Big Bud Bloom Booster,Floraliciuos or any other of those gimmicks in a bottle that people love to use. Pics are of 3 different locations.
    These plants were planted July 3rd and were 1 month old seedlings in 6oz cups, very much rootbound.I did everything wrong according to conventional wisdom.haha
    These plants were never watered(except a little when first planting just to get them started) or fertilized or sprayed after planting.Again everything wrong.
    It takes about an hour per site to plant. Then check for males Aug 1st. Then check for maturity on Sept 1st and estimate finnish date. Then picked when ready. 4 trips total. Done.
    The soil mix is the same as indoors except twice as hot, you could never plant them straight into this. Each plant ends up getting a gal of this hot mix, mixed with native soil. I leave out the perlite,vermiculite,ewc,and compost and double everything else. I leave the promix in just as something to dilute the amendments and for water retention.
    The hole is actually a trench, 10" wide and 10" deep and however long you want it.
    Sprinkled bottom with water retention crystals, then a 1" to 2" layer of vermiculite, then a 2" layer of native soil, then backfilled with a 50/50 mix of my mix with native soil.Water and leave and don't come back for a month.You'll be amazed.

    All done and cleaned up.
  2. Is the corn field organic?
  3. Haha I knew someone would say that. Not in the purist sense as you are refering to I suppose. I doubt that the farmer gets his manure OMRI listed.I doubt tht his lime is either since it comes by the truckload.Oh and its not irragated either.This method works everywhere I've tried it, sorry I ve never had the surrounding soil organically certified.Does that disqualify the grow as organic to you? Or somehow diminish the quality of the grow?
    I was trying to get across to people new to this that you don't have to make it hard,or buy the bottled gimmicks.Thanks for your help.
    Any serious questions?

  4. I can see why you go by Briar Patch...

    the grow looks nice. obviously you got permission to grow in that field...is it yours? a freind's? I had been thinking about the feasibility of doing a GG in someone's field but, in the end, decided that it would be WAY to carefully monitored
  5. It was an honest question.

    Oregon has an organic agricultural industry where all components are tested for certification, including Oregon Tilth standards before being allowed to market their products as organic. I use decomposed cow manure from a certified organic dairy that uses no milk enhancers or pharmaceuticals in their herds. Demand for their manure, hot and decomposed, is so high I have to call ahead to make sure they have any for sale. To each his/her own.
  6. I'd definitely like to hear what you know about the farm and what kind of practices they employ. I would be worried that the plants would get sprayed with something(especially if it was during flowering) that I might not like.
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    Briar, I think that is an amazing grow you pulled off. I'm struck by what I see as a significant difference in green between the corn and the cannabis. Do you know what date the corn was planted? Just curious. I also think you've helped me with an observation that MJ plant root systems prefer to grow horizontally versus vertically.

    Nice man! I'm going to guess that it will be some killa smoke!
  9. Well ya know old fellar I'd like to know what your secret ratio and recipe for your nutrient mix is. The reason the difference in green struck me is because I think that corn fields typically have high levels of N and K but if you're saying your buddy planted straight in the corn row without additional ammendments and his died off then I'm scratching my head. I think corn has about a 4 month or so life cycle whereas your beauty's clearly look as if they are lacking nothing in the form of nutrients and, weather permitting, could probably live another month or two. In any event, those are very impressive and healthy specimens dude. reprep to ya! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  10. There isn't a secret ratio or receipe. Its the way the hole or trench is made that is the secret.
    You just use the same stuff you use indoors, I don't believe my mix is any better than anyone elses.It is similar to what everyone else on here uses. All I'm doing is putting 2 batches of amendments into one batch worth of promix. This makes it much lighter to pack into your site. Hope that makes sense. I leave out the compost,ewc,perlite and vermiculite.
    Its the water retention crystals and vermiculite on the bottom that I believe makes the difference. I believe it keeps your amendments from washing away and helps a ton with water retention. Just like with a deep hole if you backfill with soil its not going to help. But if you filled the bottom of that hole with a peat and vermiculite mix it will act as a resivoir and supply your plant with water when everything else dries up.Everything I do is centered around not having to water at all, all season. After you get ripped off so many times you realize the less visits to a plant the more likely you will harvest it. Period.
    I tell people all the time, there is no majic potions. Just healthy plants.Thats why there isn't any mold and very little pest damage.

    Take care
  11. wow awesome grow briar. glad to see you pulled it off again this year, and in some farmers corn field?...bad ass man. you ever run into the old farmer? anyway great grow especially for how few of visits you made. they look like they would be tended too at least 3 times a week.
  12. Excellent post. I think people don't realise that watering is the big problem when you grow. No watering = no trips = harvest. Very very nice. I like to grow in swamps or dig holes next to rivers and use the wick system (just peat and vermiculite, then slow release ferts in there), about to harvest those little ones I have in the corto holes. Also your platns are huge man, wow just wow. People don't realise. 4 hours of work for several pounds of weed? I say oh yeah man!
  13. HEY they are all going to be planting in swamps and corn NOW:p:rolleyes::D
  14. what is what in the picks:confused:
  15. HaHa I just don't know when to keep my mouth shut do I? Point taken.

    didn't keep track, but the ones being harvested are Stinky Pinky. no shots of the Cook. Will have F2S.
  16. Thanks man! I know these farmers,I'm improving their fields one spot at a time.haha no water ever.but we do get rainfall every month.

    thanks man I knew guerilla farmers could appreciate this.

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