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  1. Hey everyone with the situation I am in I can currently only grow outdoors. I have 6 plants outside this year and they are all starting to finish up. This is the best grow I have had so far, the happiest plants and no leaves have yellowed and died on any of the strains. Anyways I have a couple of plants that I would like to keep if possible 1 of the plants I would like to keep because of how quick it flowered (43 days in the hairs were amber and retracted) and the other is a strain that I tried to clone but the clones failed. Now the thing is 1 of the plants is in a plastic container and the other is in a smart pot. The one in the plastic container I can bring inside to reveg if I had to but the smart pot is the one that I am concerned about. My question is can I leave the plant outside all winter long and let it reveg, if I try to pick it up the roots have grown into the soil and I will be stressing it out more than if I just left it there, but living in Rhode Island it is most likely going to freeze up for a while at some point and I am not sure if the lady will survive. What would be my best chance of keeping the strain alive?
    Also I read that oak bark is high in calcium would this be something that I could grind up and make a tea out of for my garden?

  2. Cannabis is naturally an annual. If you want to try and reveg her, you're going to need a place you can keep her warm and give her light 24/7.

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  3. Best sharpen up your cloning skills. MJ cannot survive a hard freeze outside.
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