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Outdoor organic grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Mtmlegit, May 8, 2013.

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    So a buddy of mine is growing 5 plants out on some public land for personal use. He has taken just about every possible step to ensuring complete stealth. Let me tell you, getting to this area in general is a BITCH. He is going to bury 15 gallon grow bags in the ground. The soil will be bottom 1/3 subcool supersoil and the other 2/3 quality organic potting mix for veggies. All of subcools required nutrients are in the mix, even the mychorrizae. The strains are nl5 haze mist and "the church". This location gets very good sunlight and temps can easily touch 100 around the time of the solstice. What do you guys expect about the size and yield of these plants? Any tips for helping them along?(especially when it comes to germinating and caring for young plants. The girls will also recieve micronutrients during the secondish week of flowering then be flushed.
    Edit:also, Germinating will commence June 1st so that the plants get peak solstice sunlight during mid veg/ flowering, and they also don't need to get huge.

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