Outdoor Odor Question?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by syonide88, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I just started my first outdoor(ish) grow this season. I started two plants indoors, but for the most part they have been outside almost all day unless it gets really cold which it has occasionally.

    (the plants are in my sig in my grow journal! comments are gladly accepted and any advice is welcome!)

    I live at about 39/40N latitude, and I expect my plants once put in the ground outside will get pretty damn big by the time they are harvestable. I'm guessing they might get as big as 4 feet tall at least since I am going to use a very nutrient rich soil mixture. They are going to be planted in my backyard, in a place more or less out of sight of any neighbors. I am also going to cover them around with nets and on top with netting. Once they are flowering and big, will they reek up the block? How far would distinguishable marijuana odor carry through a fence?

    Does anyone have any input or experience with this, or know what I am in for?

    Thanks anyone and everyone for info available.

  2. Outside I find the odour disperses very quickly.
  3. a lot depends on how stinky the strain is and also the weather.

    My first plant a couple of years ago was very fragrant and on a few still, humid mornings in the summer, I could smell the distinct odor about a block away. I found that freshly mowed grass tended to mask the scent.
  4. That's good to know. It tends to be pretty dry and particularly hot here around summer time though. So it sounds like it probably wont upset the neighbors?
  5. BUMP I have been waiting for a thread on outdoor odor to pop up.
  6. bump again... i'm not sure how sticky and fragrant the strain will be, both i've started with are bagseed that came from particularly great stuff. I guess i'll have to hope for the best, but I don't want to be halfway through flowering after spending a hundred + on soils and nutes to discover the odor is going to get the cops called on me. (Although I would obviously rather kill my plants than get busted! Just trying to avoid that mess all together..)
  7. plant som other plants around to mask any smell...
    gardenia plants are very fraguient and grow nice withe flowers...
    society garlic.. smells alot like garlic...
    i think these to plants will only grow in zones 7-10 USDA
  8. How far is that ??

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