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  1. So I have a few plants outdoors in large pots say 90litres capacity of soil. I have been watering then every day or two since it's been really hot and they have been drinking a LOT. And feeding nutrients every 3 days or so but have been going through nutrients rapidly as I'm mixing and feeding with about 20 litres of water.

    Any advice, should I be feeding them less nutrients ? More? Bigger amount, smaller amounts?

    I'm feeding them advanced nutrients 3 part and I love it. Used it last year with awesome results so using it again this year with all my plants.

    With that in mind is there something similar in larger quantities for cheaper?

    Thanks folks!

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  2. If they are in a soilless mix (soil without organizims) (drain to waste) system then it's recommended to feed every watering. Start low dose and increase by reading your plants.

    My first approach was to feed, water, feed, water. This strategy worked if I had to water them like 2x a week.

    When I did this everyday, it seemed every watering I washed the nutes away, and replanished the plants the next day, this caused ph fluctuations because the feeding wasn't constant. Now I feed every watering with a lower dose and they are doing much better.
  3. Check out kelp4less.com, they have a lot of soluble powders that are way cheaper than buying bottles of anything. Or go total organic like me and just use water from a well. Just my 2cents
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  4. I use pro mix high porosity. I find lately I have been feeding every 2 days and watering every day. So I've been alternating that way kind if like what you said you were doing. No nute deficiency or nute burn and PH levels have been good. But like I said burning through nutes like nobodies business.

    So either I make a change and feed less or find a good nutrient that comes in bulk. Just love the way they are growing so I'd hate to cut back and starve them.

    Thoughts / nute reccomendations?

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  5. Nectar for the Gods

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