Outdoor Nuggets in The Making!! Updated

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  1. How often have you been watering? I will be watering the next few days every day as the temperature here is around 104-107. But it's a dry heat. And I mean dry! Pots dry out really fast. I am also having a gopher issue. Next season, hog wire under all the pots.
  2. I actually not watering as much anymore. I used to water every day but for the past month I've been watering every 3 days. The only explanation is that the plants already tapped in the earth and sucking from that. I was also told by my buddy who's been growing in this area for years that when it's really hot you don't want to water your plant to "cool" it. Only if its actually dry and needs more. The main reason for that is to prevent fusarium and pythium which is pretty common late in flower sorta like late blight kills tomatoes at the worst time after all your hardwork. Fusarium is according to him, the worst thing that your plant can have
  3. Interesting. The only reason I have been watering more often is because they start to drupe. As soon as I water them, they perk right back up. So I am trying to catch it before that happens. I brew tea every 10 days. I did the tea today. They REALLY like the tea! Man, they start singing when I give them that!
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  4. Oh yea, I always water when they droop for sure

  5. I think it's the clay dirt underneath my pots. It retains moisture long enough to keep the plant from drooping for longer periods. Im focusing on not overdoing it so that it doesn't solidify
  6. I found a fig beetle here n there in the soil. Guessing they laid eggs, probably chewed some roots. Pretty annoying and not sure what to do. I don't want to drench the soil with anything apart from water from this point on
  7. What does a fig beetle look like?
  8. Are you on your phone? Here's a link to my IG. Recorded one of them

  9. That one got lucky. I feed the ones I catch to a lizard lol
  10. Had one of them fly into my pot and bury himself. I dug him out and killed it.
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  11. Yup. That's what they do, I think they're laying eggs. Wouldn't be surprised if they chew on roots too especially if they're there in its face.
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  12. Look up their larvae. Disgusting looking huge grubs
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  13. I have 100's of Bluebelly Lizards at my grow. Maybe that's why I have never seen one. That's one ugly looking beetle!
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  14. How many weeks until my buds start to swell up? IMG_20170825_144747.jpg IMG_20170827_195831.jpg
  15. I found mine at dark. Was happening to be looking at my plants when he flew in. I'm sure if there's one, there's many you don't find.
  16. Do they eat the plants?
  17. No, I just think they lay their eggs in the soil. Now once eggs hatch, who knows what they do.
  18. [​IMG]

    Here are pics of nugs from each strain that I'm growing. Really happy so far. I can tell that the growth is slower than normal or at least seems like it. Guessing the heat is slowing them down but as far as trich development goes it's pretty frosty and they stink.
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  19. Well so far she hasn't turned blue yet but she does smell like grape Kool-Aid very odd considering her name is blueberry but she's beautiful

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  20. Ythats odd ,could be a genetic thing,I just checked my plants out and they got frigging mites ,I m so pissed,never have had this problem outside,so need to research what to do,I thought the cold would kill these things,ahhhhh

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