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    And I think Im gonna go all synthetic for the next grow just to see the diff. This grow was 90% organic. Only synthetic nutes was silica and a little bit of grow big in veg.

    I want to try coconut as the medium and feed with synthetic nutes along with hydrogen peroxide 24/7. Its suppose to keep the medium bug and fungus free free. And the extra oxygen molecule accelerates roots... "supposedly". This could be good or bad obviously but willing to experiment. Also gonna transfer to the dark side and play with plant hormones. My buddy didnt want to share his secrets related to that but did tell me that if you know what you're doing u can end up with problem free football nugs insanely packed with crystals. I noticed that ants and bugs really liked my organic setup. Everytime I top feed with natural stuff they come back in huge waves. So maybe synthetics will keep them away. I know that some PGRs can be toxic but way too curious and love the scientific aspect of it so fuck it. Will just research doses, apply as labeled and aim for the best. All personal for me anyways. Wouldn't even dare try to sell around here and get kidnapped. My goal is to discover a way to grow a pound per plant as efficiently as possible aka as cheap and fast as possible for my situation. I smoke an insane amount it ain't even funny and extremely generous when friends come over lol.

    I know this goes against popular trends siding with organic farming but way too curious to leave that out
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  2. I can relate! I will have a lot more experience at the end of this grow. I've been brewing teas and using a different nutrient system for bloom. Kind of copying some master growers that I know to get a bigger yield and quality at the same time. It stands to reason that the quick finishers would yield less issues, but I have no experience as last season was well into October when finished. This year probably as well. I'm chomping at the bit! Good luck with your ladies! Keep us posted on the pheno hunting. I would be curious what is out there. This season has been REALLY water intense. Its been SO fricken hot, so consistently.
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  3. Gonna experiment with ethephon, triacontanol and IBA which all derive from natural plants/process but will be synthesized. Staying away from Paclo
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  4. I haven't messed with compost teas yet but thats next too. That's coming in the next grow too. I'm gonna have half synthetic hydro-ish style, and the other half strictly organic.
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  5. I just need to see with my own eyes which one produces more.Quality too. Just as important. Always skeptical of everything especially trends in anything market related.
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  6. I'm don't even know what that stuff is. Outside of using it to prevent growth of stuff like mistletoe.
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  7. Ethephon is widely used to ripen fruits and vegetables at the market especially with bananas. Suppose to squeeze internodal growth, supress hermie gene, promote flowering and shortens flowering by a week without sacrificing yield... "supposedly", that's what I want to find out.

    Triacontanol is naturally occurring in alfalfa and maize but no where near as effective as synthetized version. This one is just suppose to put the growth on steroids. I'm planning on using it in veg so that I can go into flower sooner.

    IBA is indole butyric acid which is also naturally occurring and stimulated root growth. I'm planning on using that in veg as well and to clone. I want to take identical clones from same mother to make experiment as accurate as possible.

    There are several more but these were the safest I could find.
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  8. I would be interested to see your findings! It would be interesting to see if it increases quantity and doesn't decrease quality.
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  9. Here's my slowest one. The sour D

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  10. How many weeks of Flowering?
  11. According to some old pics the plant's structure started to transition on the 21st of july so like 4 weeks or so. It's been picking up the pace with the shorter days.
  12. I'm guessing it'll finish late october. The earliest one will be the alien og and gorilla. Guessing like a month away
  13. The buttons started to show like 2 weeks ago
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  14. I did a Sour Cookies last season and it was an early finisher as well.. Same pot as this Pineapple Express. I think that I have some photos of the cola. I'll look
  15. Do u by any chance of a pic of a nug that ended up drying out to like 5gs? And how about 20? I just want to get an idea
  16. I got three lbs off this plant. It was a Sour Cookies. Sour D x GirlScout Cookies. This Bud was a week and 1/2 before harvest. Don't have a completely dry bud. The buds were hard and dense and at least 10 - 20g when trimmed.
    fullsizeoutput_35f6.jpeg IMG_1858.JPG
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  17. Oooh that's a colorful nug. Thanks. As long as I can get around 5-10 per cola I should be good. I managed to fit a cola thru every single hole of the scrog. Not all are at the exact height but growing more or less the same.
  18. Temperatures have been pretty extreme hovering around 110-120 for months straight. Haven't noticed any signs of stress on the buds or leaves until today. Tiny bit of tacoing, guessing it's because of the weaker leaves that starting to fade
  19. Nice!

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