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  1. Hey whats up everybody this is my first grow. So far its been two days short of two weeks for my two plants outside. Although they look somewhat different everyday, I feel as though they're not growing tall enough to flower in the summer. Anyways, you be the judge as this is only my first grow! I used a very loose soil with perlite and all this other nonorganic crap in it.

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  2. pic2

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  3. Another question I just remembered (please be tolerant): Why are the false leaves of one of my plants already yellow?
    Nutrient defiency seems out of the question since its so early on in the grow!

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    this is actually the pic with the yellowing false leaves

    also: my grow is outdoor but i had to bring them in for an hour because of the gardeners

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  5. hey wassup, the cotyledons (your false leafs) die off in about 2-3 weeks. they sustain the plants nutrients for only so long before becoming obsolete. its about time for you to repot and introduce a minor dose of nutes. other than that looking good! you have a max of a couple days before you need to repot.
  6. Nice im gonna check on this because Im also doing outdoor NL 5 that sprouted 2 days ago. I havent seen them yet but my friend tells me. Im gonna check them out tomorrow.
  7. About two weeks ago I moved my plants outside INTOOOO the soil cus i was planning to visit India for two weeks. Anyways, im back now and the plants have gotten bigger but some sorta bug has eaten some of the leaves. Its not that bad ... ill post some pics and maybe someone out there can tell me how to get rid of those buggers. And oh yeah, i know its late in the season but i put five more seeds to germinate.
  8. People help me out here....something is putting holes in the bottom leaves of my plants....Im guesssing catipillars or some shit.....what do you think?

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