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  1. I have these 5 plants going. I believe there 4 lemon kush and 1 grapefruit kush. 1 of those 4 lemon kush might actually be a white widow , got pots mixed up back in May. My 2 questions are 2 of my plants are extremely tall and lanky. Am I going to have serious issues when the buds start forming ( leaning, broken branches) and if so will yarn work to tie them up?
    My 2nd question is 4 of the plants started flowering last week. But the tallest 1 number 5 hasn’t, why is that??? They all get the same amount of light per day


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  2. Different strains start at different times. Should start flowering soon. Why are they so tall and thin? Are they getting much light?
  3. I’m not sure why the sun hits that spot around between 7-8am till about 6-7pm as of now it was until 8:30pm earlier in the season
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  4. Different strains start and finish at different times...Even the same strain will flower at different times if you have 5 different seeds of that strain.if you had 5 clones off the same plant then I would also be asking why 1 isn't flowering nut that's why..yes if your plants are massive you will def have to tie the buds up once the weight starts to pack on and yarn is fine itll stretch enough that the stock wont be cut off imo....good luck and watch out for mould in late sept it can take a whole plant out in a matter of days or spreads like wild fire..good luck

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