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  1. i have 12 outdoor girls in central mass. I did a lot of thinning but it’s been raining a ton. I sprayed organicide and neem to try and prevent mold we’ll see if it makes its. But I bought soil from a local farmer and added some ingredients to 7 yards earlier this summer. Blood meal, bone meal, fish meal, kelp meal ,etc. I havnt done any feeding since I transplanted in June into the raised bed I built. I had been using nectar for the gods for my first indoor grow. And these girls were fed that early in there life with nectar. But life was busy this summer and I havnt fed since transplanted into that soil. It’s now second week of September and I want to know what my best bet would b to feed these girls a couple time that havnt been touched besides for 2 or 3 aact slf—100, fulpower a few times. What can I go buy to make these buds swell up and taste nice before flush. Most are 8-10 week strains.
  2. Mass here too. I've been using a straight-up organic bloom mix along with Primordial Solutions Sea Green. Mine seem to be lovin it. But one of my plants is about 3 weeks out so I'll be cutting off the feeding soon so she can use up all the stored nutrients. The problem I've been dealing with is caterpillars, but I think i got it under control. Worried about mold now too since its been so wet and humid!
  3. Try some HiBrix. Or molasses.
    That and some enzymes.
    It'll break down any available P and K and make it available to the plant.
    The carbs from the sugar will fatten up the flowers and sweeten the taste and smell.
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