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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by budshine, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. could someone tell me the best autoflower strain to grow outdoors in northern arkansas also what time of year would be the best time to plant?
  2. i live in southern Missouri and im planning on transplanting in mid march-may when temps are above 40

  3. What strain do you plan on growing?
  4. ive got some ak-47 auto seeds but i may start them later in the season just to be sure they dont get frosted, as for the rest of my grow im just using bagseed

  5. I'm probably gettting some auto seeds but if I can't ill just use bagseed. And which seedbank did you get those from? Because I've been looking for a legit one to order some lowryder seeds from. Because I've read that its a short plant and I don't want something too tall
  6. Budshine,

    Check out marijuana-seeds.nl I order from them regularly and also got some lowryder2 from them last year. They finish pretty fast, but I would plan to harvest them end of July so they should be inj the ground by June 1 no later. The reason I say that is because end of July is a good time to harvest autos as they are supposed to do their best this time of year.
  7. Thank you pierce by the way how much do you yield on average when its dry from each lowryder 2 plant
  8. I only planted 5 and I was NOT impressed with them, but they were consistent anyway. 1/2 a zip off each one. Keep in mind that I am doing patio grow in 3 gal pots so being in the ground you should get upwards of that I think. Check with attitude seeds as well. Good luck
  9. alright. are there other autoflower strains that you recomend? also and what nutes if any do you use? im somewhat new to the growing game and im looking for simple advice that you can give me
  10. Yeah man, I've only grown the Lowryder 2 from marijuana-seeds.nl, but I have heard good things about some lowryder x diesel crosses and also Lowryder easy ryder. Check out attitude seedbank. They are on page 3 at bottom of autoflowering strains
  11. On nutes its difficult where I live to get so I use standard orchid food and then some other ones such as super bloom and one that increases flowering, but they are just generic brands bought off the shelf at any nursery or walmart back home. I have found that you don't have to get really technical with it. I use tap water and rain water, but let the tap water sit for about 24 hours for the chlorine to evaporate out of it then I feed them for 5 days then the other 2 with just water for the whole time flowering. I actually start giving them food when pretty young (I just make sure there are around 3 leaf sets).

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