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Outdoor Marijuana Grow, NJ

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by BudahMon5, Aug 26, 2010.

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    This is a plant that was grown 100% out doors in NJ. A friend and I planted some seeds in regular soil, and this was the only one that made it. The plant grew at a rapid rate. At about one month in to the growing my outdoor plant was eatten and all the leaves were gone, a good chunk off the top too. I watered as normal and the leaves came back two times as strong it grew two new chutes to have a total of three. Now I have a 5 month 4 1/2 foot healthy plant in the flowering stage. Im wondering how much Bud i will collect and the prime times to collect it?

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  2. Very nice plant well developed
  3. looks good, you might get a OZ off of it.
  4. Way too small of a pot.

    Remember: Bigger and healthier roots = More heads! plus it needs to be supercropped.
  5. That looks like the size of pot i have, 5 gallon is that too small?? prime time to collect it is to get a magnifying glass and check the color of the trtichromes. it needs to be a strong magnifier not like 2x,4x but like 5-10x! some people say when its more ambers than clear ones. some ppl like me like to pick it a litle early so a little more clear than amber.
  6. how did it turn out? I live in somerset NJ and plan on growing some outdoor this summer.
  7. Not bad, It needs a bigger pot.

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