outdoor insect/disease problems

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  1. eastern Canada, a friend of mine asked me to type these questions for he fears being busted with five giant plants in his garden, he feels that corespondence on such a site may be monitored by the web pot police. Say isnt paranoia related to smoking pot, I suppose it is illegal here in Canada so it does not hurt to use discretion. Any way here goes...

    #1 one to two weeks into budd grow tips on certain strains of plants develope purpleish color substance on the leaves around the tiny budd, both dominant budd and lower branch budd are affected on some plants. the leaves curl into the budd and the plant becomes consumed and the surrounding leaves curl and become deformed and almost bonsai looking. This is not a particular purple variety it is a disease or fungus[not typical mold] that degrades the plant to the point of not even sure if he should smoke the shit. Anybody experience this and have a solution.

    #2 three weeks into budd mold forms on branch node and branch dies, any safe remedy known

    #3 any solution to reduce molding budd before they are ripe

    #4 portion of stem swelling and breaking off to find a worm inside smiling at him, those dam pests

    Thanks kindly for any help that you may offer

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