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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Toke4life420, May 6, 2004.

  1. i have a couple of plants that are only about 4 inches tall. I put them out side in the sun during the day and keep them inside at night under 4 mini fluros. Now is this a good thing to do? And I plan on transplanting them into bigger pots that are outside in the woods.
  2. sounds alright to me sun is best for them though the 4 min i floros prolly wont do much
  3. id have to disagree on the fluoro part.... at this point they will do something for the plants since they are still in veg mode... they'll still help them out when they don't have sunlight ... but you should plant them outside asap if the weather isn't too cold
  4. my mom says that you dont plant outside untill after mothers day. so unless it starts to get a lil warmer over night soon my plants will stay inside at nights untill it does.
  5. depends where you live...well you live close to me so I'd say now is a fine time to plant..i've already planted my outdoors ones a few weeks ago and despite unseasonaly cold temperatures they are doing fine.
  6. my luck my plants are gonna be male lol and that would piss the hell out of me.

    Stylez1877.. How.. (something u dont ask.....Shade...).

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