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  1. I have 3 Plants growing right now 1 Blueberry kush and 1 Diablo sage(day 16 veg) and a Og clone (day 3 of veg) all were clones.

    I am keeping theplants in a closet grow area during the timme there is no direct sunlight out, and keeping them outside from about 10 am to 530 everyday in mainly sunlight.

    I have 2 60 Watt CFL's, and then a 23 watt light n a 13 watt light, and emergency blanket taped on the sides for a reflection plus a fan in there for some air circulation. I dont know if the 23 watt n 13 watt are cfls but the plants have been vegging nicely.

    my flowering question is when i start flowering could i use my closet vegging area and turn it into a flower spot n have the lights on 12/12 with the lights i have for 3 plants.
  2. CFL's have a broad spectrum and will flower your plants for you. If that is all you have then give it a try. Upgrade later for better results. :) Good Luck!
  3. thanks. bump please. need more answer
  4. yeah could do that to ur closet what would u be using to flower ur plants..
  5. Update... I found a better light. a 80 watt (2 long bulbs) that hangs from the ceiling, and then im using the 2 60 watts and the 23 watt...

    Iknow thats a good ammount of lighting for vegging. I was thinking of maybe using those on a 12/12 for flowering

    would that work? Thanks
  6. Ok here is the deal. Minimum amount is 30w per square foot, and good is 50w per square foot.

    Orginally your two 60w one 23w and a 13w is exactly pretty much the minimum for a plant. You can flower, but it probably will be very light and fluffy.

    Are those 80w lights CFL, HPS, or MH? Cause if they are halogen, you gotta get rid of them, they damage the plant.

    So if those 80w are ok, then you should have enough to flower well with all of your lights. (300w total is a good number to be at)
  7. fosho thanks for the tip. I'm not sure if the 80 watt light (2 40 watt bulbs) i honestly don't know what type of light it is but i know for a fact its not a halogen thankfully. I'll take a picture later and show you. since ive made the switch and added the 80 watt light they both have been vegging really really nicely.

    should i add the 13 watt light for flowering too. i only have the 2 60, 2 40(hanging light), and a 23 watt in right now for vegging?
  8. Heres my light setup..

    Does anyone know what type light the hanging one is?

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  9. anyone know if the hanging light would work for flowering?

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