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  1. Hey, ive been taken care of my ladies, i got a few questions, i have 2 indicas (Jack Herrer) and 2 mostly sativa (haze), the sativa i got from some buds that me and a friend bought and i kno that sativa takes longer to flower but it just seems to be that the indica is right there on its way flowering and the haze is taking her sweet time, there both just over 4ft

    this pic was taken about a week ago

    also another question,

    Ive been using Liquid Earth 3 part nutrient system (Vigor, Grow and Bloom)and it seems to be working just fine. Ive been feeding every 3 days and not burning or anything like that, how often do you recommend feeding and also how much? This is my second season and last year i grew a skunk and it came out really good, just im not great at curing so it wasnt the best smelling but almost 10Xs stronger then a lot of the commercial bud over here, i figured because it was fresh and i harvested at optimum time

    also since sativa takes along time to flower, but im sure its not 100% sativa but do you think i will get a good yield or even be ready to harvest before the frost?, the first time i saw pistils on all the plants was around the same time between aug 9 and the 18th so they all started to flower around the same time just i guess the haze will take a couple of weeks longer to finish?

    please let me know
  2. Also ill have Some more pics up of closer on each plant so you can see how much further ahead of the haze the jack herrer is, i just wanna make sure ill get atleast some decent buds off the haze
  3. Are those planted right into the ground or are they in pots?
    Also, its starting to hit the low 50's at night in the tri-state area, when are you harvesting?
  4. There in the ground, its all happening around the same time it did last year, aside from the branches getting a little purple it was fine, im worried about the sativa strain finishing or atleast getting something to harvest, ill probably harvest around mid-end of october for the jack, but for the haze im not sure, i got the microscope to check so when the trichromes are ready. You growing outdoors also? if so what do you do in terms of feedings, last year i only did it once a week and now im doing it every 3 days, they've been eating it right up and happily doing so may i add lol
  5. Just took the new pics and i got pics of the plants and the fan leaves also, im a bit confused maybe you guys can help, im putting the pics of the plants in the same order as the top main pic up top, left is the herrer which is budding clearly and the other is the haze which is not budding nearly as much but i kno sativa takes longer



    Fan Leaf




    Fan Leaf Of Haze


    the reason why im confused is because maybe im just buggin out but the leaves of the jack herrer look more sativa than the haze which wouldnt make sense for the haze not to be in as much flowering as the jack herrer, but this is only my second out door grow so im not sure, please let me know :confused:
  6. Here are two pics of the jack


    Shot from above

  7. haze always takes a long time from what ive heard...just wait theres not much else you can do i think..more nutes or sumtin idk?:smoke::smoke:
  8. I'm not really sure what your question is. What is it you want to know besides how often to nute? Personally I feed bloom nutes every third or fourth watering or every 10 days. But I know plenty of people who feed a heck of a lot more than that. It depends a lot on the ferts too. I use Earth Juice--not familiar with what you're using. The plants look good though. When you say tri state are you speaking of the northeast?
  9. yea north east, my main question was do you think the haze will make it before the frost due to the fact i know that it is getting colder at night and everything and haze takes longer, and as from the pick of the herrer it seems to be about 2 coming on 3 weeks of flowering so when do you think that will finish some say september but last year i let mine go to about october 12th only because the hairs werent like 60-70 % orange
  10. Sativas can go well into November. All you can really do is cross your fingers. And not to be an ass or anything, but if you used punctuation your posts would be much easier to understand. Good luck.

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