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  1. Hey, I know some people that have already planted here but I personally think its still too cold I live in Mid-Michigan does anyone live around here that has put anything out yet? Heres a pic of my mother this is a old pic and its right after I took cuttings I also have 5 clones all going outside as soon as they can.

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  2. Its still a little cold in my opinion too. I'm just north of the Lake Erie, right on the lake though. In my area the rule of thumb is anytime after may 10th. If you out of frost danger you should be ok though, not sure when your last frost is. If your looking for more information on temperatures, go to the weathernetwork.com, seach for your spefic city/town and look at the 14 day trend for your area. My plants will be going outside in early may. If my closet gets too crowded they'll have to go out sooner and I'll hope for the best.
    Good Luck,

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  3. hey man how much do you usually yeild per plant? im just trying to figure out how many plants im gonna need and what I can expect. Im roughly in the same area as you.
  4. There isn't really anyway to pre determine yield. It depend on a lot of stuff like soil, water, and amount of sun. I have a family member that grows in pots each year and tends to them everyday. He gets 5-6oz off a 5' plant. I've had 10' plants that only yield around 4-5 oz. Plants that recieve daily watering, nutes and 6-8 hours of sun will easliy yield 7-10 oz. If you can grow in corn fields its a really good way to go. Lots of sun but the downside is you can't visit vary often. I pick the low spots in the field where water stays around the longest and I've had plants yeild 8oz +. If you want more info send me a pm.
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  5. Hey this is just a update so I dont have to make another thread but is 45 degrees at night too cold or will they be fine to put outside now?
  6. i have mine growing out side and im from the detriot area and mine seems to b doing fine
  7. Sweet mine are going out tomorrow then thanks for the quick response.
  8. Cannabis like a temp of about 80 degrees F. So if it's half as warm as it should be, i cant imagine it would bring good results. Where i live, night time temps are like 70-75 degrees so plants do fine.

    - Vince
  9. 70-75 are perfect temperatures for them to grow they can live in 45 degree weather and thats the lowest it ever gets so im gonna put them out I know a few other people that already got plants out now anyway so no worrys
  10. There are so many variables. I grow in pots using a nutritious soil mix, I fert 2 or 3 times a week once I have determined sex. I have strong sunshine all day every day from mid-May to October.

    In 5 UK gallon pots (US gallons are smaller) I averaged 10 ounces per plant of dried bud.

    In 7.5 gallon pots I got an average of 12.5 ounces per plant.

    This year I am going for 11 UK gallon pots.
  11. Alrigth Im putting some of my large plants out tomorrow got any tips there coming out of 24 hour lights should I give them some dark tonight or somthing?

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