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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tomtomslick, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. Im looking for input and ideas for my latest venture. I plan to try and grow some outdoor hydro. I've got some long pieces of 4 inch pvc pipe for the plants to go in but I'm looking for ways to deliver the solution to the plants for 30 days or more so I only have to visit the site occasionally. I have thought about using some sort of drip system and let gravity do the rest. I've seen solar powered pumps but the collection grids are massive. Ideas anyone?????????
  2. you will have to check the ph and tds every day with an active hydro system, with a drip setup less but you will have to have a big resevoir. just plant alor of soil plants in good soil, hydro is for max yeild per area used but in the graet outdoors area is no problem. and with a good otudoor grow mantenence will be minimal once a week, tops, even for 100 plants.
  3. I wasn't really trying to get alot of yield. I was just curios to see how fast they would grow outside because its probably too late to start a traditional outdoor crop and it sounded challenging. I know they would grow faster and would be mobile so i could force them to bud whenever I wanted. I'll post pictures if I ever figure it out.
  4. its not to late you can still get 3-4' plants if you start them now theres another 2 months of veg left. Holy shit only 4 months i think i can start a countdown now for havrvest whooooohhh!
  5. I had planned on just trying to grow some clones under lights and then move them outside for flowering. I probably will start another crop because you can never have to many plants out in the woods but I'm still going to try to come up with a way to grow it in the tubes. The drip would be ok I think but root rot would probably be a problem unless I could figure out a way to let the tubes dry out. I need to smoke a fatty and visualize the setup.

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