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  1. My father in law in growing in his back yard 10 ft away from his pool.
    The wind is almost always carrying over the pool towards the plants. Im curious if this would increase the humidity and have not been able to find info regarding this subject.
    We're both growing and his are about 2 ft tall. Mine are about 4 ft tall but his are a little bushier. Im 90% sure theyre the same stain (clones). His are planted in a garden with lots of shade and mine are in a diy planter (8'Lx1'wx2'h 4 plants) with less shade and no pool near by. Planted same day. Less then a block away. All plants seem healthy. But his are smaller bushier and seem to have more "bud locations starting points" (correct word is escaping me). Im curious if the pool is helping him out (first time grower). Or if my planter is possibly working against me. I usually grow in recycling bins but this year i have 4 plants so needed soming less expensive. Sorry for rambling on.
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    Hmmm. I would think that it's a issue with the amount of light they are getting and the time of day that they are getting it. Although if it is extremely dry and hot at your location and both your grows are getting equal amounts of light that could slow growth.
  3. why don't you get a hygrometer and find out?
  4. Hydrometer is in the mail cause im going to be starting and indoor soon. Just getting the supplies slowly to not be so hard on the wallet at one time.
    His plants are infront of a shed uner a huge tree that blocks the direct light 60-70% of the day light hours. Mine are probably blocked 30%.
  5. Personally im only grown a few times so im a newbie although i do alot of research. But theory and practical are two differnt things lol
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  6. I know from my experience we have two grows about 600 yards form each other. It's been extremely hot, triple digits. One grow has better access to water hence being able to saturate the ground around the smart pots, and my grow the water has to be toted in a res. So my grow doesn't get the ground area saturation the other grow gets. Their plants are 1/3 bigger. Same nutes, same genetics.

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