Outdoor Heaviest Yielding Strains!

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  1. From what Ive found so far... Bc Bud Depot's Pinewarp, 3 pound plus yield is what Bc Bud Depot claims... I have found 1 report where someone has grown this strain and it is also there favorite far as taste, potency, and yield.Ive found that people have had problems with Bc Bud Depot's customer service and there shipping times! Kiwiseeds 2Pounder, 2pounder is the name of the strain and under good conditions thats what Kiwiseeds claims that it will yield.I havent found any grow reports for 2pounder!Kc Brains Kc33 supposedly a good strain and have found many growers reports.22 to 26 ounces and no Mold!
    All of the above strains supposedly great Mold resistance and and from Growers reports Kc33 has been proven not to.Problems with Kc Brains..Alot of reports of good gentics but alot of herm's males and different phenos with the strains~!Most people like the Lime green Pheno of the Kc33...On another note, Endless Sky from Dr Greenthumbs is very potent even outdoor grown and can produce a pound of dried trimmed bud!Endless Sky is a super dominant a single cola and and potent indica strain with good mold resistance!Ofcourse all of this information about Endless sky is I have gathered from Grow reports.Please share some heavy yielding good potency good mold resistant outdoor strains.Also, we need to figure out the stealthiest on another thread.
  2. MMmmm, there are just so many factors contributing to how big a yield you get. Best I have had from a single lady is 26 ounces of dried/cured White widow. I think I could get 2 pounds, which is 6 oz more, by using a bigger pot, if I could find one bigger locally than 50 litres. And starting even earlier in the season, to make sure the roots do totally fill the space available by the end of vegging.
  3. You can grow tremendous yields with Greenhouse Seed Company's Arjan's Ultra Haze #1. The fan leaves are huge and double-serrated. The plants and colas are monstrous. Here is a video on youtube of their grow.

  4. Maybe I should try it.
  5. Just went to the site - they wanted my email address - if I were in the Land of the Not So Free I don´t think I would have been happy about that.
    Then it transpires that that strain is OUT OF STOCK. I will stick to what I have, thanks.
  6. If you lived in the "land of the not so free" you wouldn't be ordering from Greenhouse at all--they don't ship to the US. You would have to go through Dr. Chronic or some other distributor. And what's the problem with an email address? Just give them a disposable if it's a problem. I don't see how that would be an issue personally.
  7. Holy crap! I definitly have WAY to small of a pot. Mine is like 25L or 8 gal max. I totally under estimated the root growth on these plants. Next season I'm definitly growing in the earth. I really want to try some variety (Sativa). I'm growing weary of "couch lock". I purchased "Northern Lights" because I know it will grow well here. But the seeds arrived to late. So I'll plant em next year. I have a barn with sky lights in the roof, so I'm debating making a small insulated grow room in the ceiling. This way I could start @ 20 sativa seedlings early, and it would be "Solar" powered. Anyone on GC ever grown "Bubble Gum"? I've read that it was started here in the Midwest. And if so,is it a good Sativa "Buzz"? Any Sativa strains you folks would reccomend? Thanks-
  8. I have had great yields 2+ #'s (outdoor in ground NorCal) with Reeferman Seeds: New York Sour Diesel and Kodiak Gold (no longer available) The only bad thing about the NYSD is it takes FOREVER to finish (mid November) so it is not feasable for cold climates or the impatient.

    NYSD description from website: The original Sour Diesel clone was crossed with a classic citrusy Kush ibl to make something really explosive. Easy to grow, making high yields, crazy shit in both the flavor department and deep stash headies compartment, weed that you lied to your wife about and said it was gone much sooner than it actually was, all just to fulfill your hunger, your fiendish fiendish cannahunger.. this weed proves some good things actually come from New York ..SOME BAD ASS SHIT!!! Sativa/Indica: 50/50. Genotype: Mixed, Indica / Sativa Indoor Maturation: 65 to 70 days Outdoor Maturation: Nov 1 to Nov 15
  9. But, I was talking about the strains themselves not what you do to them!
  10. I would plant mine in the ground to maximize yield and I wouldnt have the plants even 8 feet from each other because the roots may grow out in diamter wise far as my understanding goes!I dont know why poeple use the 5 gallons *or whatever size?* Pots anyway!But, ofcourse I want to know grow results and not from seedsites and there claims~!I dont know why people grow and do it half ass anyway, still taking a risk and still some work involved.If anyone has information on strains please drop your knowledge or what youve found on the net from growers reports or what you have in my mind~!
  11. WeLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL at least I planted them:). They were in the ground. They were dug up repeatadly by Raccons(started with @ lot of seedlings). The only good female I have left was dug up THREE times. The last time I found her excavated she was about 10" tall. I carried her bare carcass, in my hand on my mountain bike for about a mile ride! If I hadnt put them in buckets they'd be dead,period. I think I've done OK,all things considered.:D peace.......
  12. I grow in pots because I grow on my roof terrace. We all do what we do for good reason. Other people use pots outdoor in case they need to move them quick - cops or rippers.

    And if you are planting directly in soil, fine, but I presume you will prepare it first by inspecting what soil it is and digging in good nutritious compost - don´t expect to plant directly into sand or clay and get good results.

    And however good your seed genetics may be, what you get out will be proportional to what you put in.
  13. I would not UNNECESSARILY give them anything that might be traced back. Paper trails. But living here, I am not bothered.
  14. why dont you give the strain "Big Bud" a try!!!
  15. your correct, if you want the ultimate size you have to plant in the ground, but there is a lot of work to that and you can certainly get a great yeild off of 5 gallon buckets. I personally just dug some 4-6 feet holes just shy of 3 feet in diameter, some even deep and wider. Im hoping that it will pay off in yeild, but i also have a good place to grow.

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