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Outdoor Headies/KB?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Have you ever bought a half oz of some dank and end up scoring some KB/outdoor headies instead? There will be nice ass nuggs and it will smell and look fine, but the potency is less, and the harshness of the smoke is a lot worse... does anyone ever get this kind of bud? It usually has a mid smell to it as well. No seeds though. My dealer swears it's dank, but whatever. ;)
  2. I think it's fine if it's a big nug well cured and crystally. If it smells strong then why not as long as you get more.
  3. Yeah, that is just $250 - $275/o (Maryland, of course) low-grade commercial dank, exactly as you described, to the T.
  4. Call that alfalfa,

    Dank with no smell.

  5. exactly what he didn't smells just like dank, but it doesn't smoke like dank. call that splenda.
  6. I got close to what you described for 125 a zip haha i wish i could still get that deal.
  7. Yeah ive picked up one or two times where i have gotten almost a brownish/dark green tint to it. Yet it has very little smell to it, its usually very crystally and smells more pungent when u break up the nugs. Its very evident that it is grown outdoor though when u see and smell it. I prefer ma indoe kush

    So in my book, when i get outdoor bud like that, I just refer to it as chronic(12 a g weed) since i buy in weight
  8. I'm high.


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