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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ienjoytheweed, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. i live in the city but im near the river so right behind my building theres a bunch of woods i was wondering how much of a structure i would have to build to have plnts out there because theres always helicopters and shit around and they wouldnt notice a plant but they would notice a shed so how could i get around this

    p.s. i plan on digging out a small flat area and putting down a good 2(?) feet of good soil
  2. make an underground growroom:D. i have an underground room thats 6'wide x 8'long x 6'high. the top is covered in dirt and bushes. i use a car hood that i flattened out with a sledge hammer as a door. its all rusty and shit and looks like a typical peice of garbage. the only problem with an underground room is you need to get power to it(thats my problem).
  3. thats awsome, how do ya create an underground grow room ? jus dig up the ground with a shovel :) ?
  4. that would kick ass but its pretty near a bridge and since this is new york theres constant surveillance from helicopters and they would one or more teenagers digging in the woods im trying to do as little as possible because the more im down there the more likely it is that they find the plant and i get arrested all though now that i think about it if its on public property and not on anything i own is that even possesion or is that a different crime altogether
  5. I dug the hole with a shovel, by myself, and it took a week. thats doing about 4 hours a day. so if you have 10 friends help you out, it would be done in no time.

    my total time = 7 * 4 = 28hours total

    time with 10 friends = 28 / 10 = 2.8 hours!!!

    if you dont want them to know your making a growroom say that your gonna fill the hole with garbage or somethin.
  6. that would work as long as noone saw and i actually no a place to steal a generator from i mean borrow oh wait no that is stealing

    so that would work as long as noone saw and i know a place to steal a generator from so that would kick ass now all i need to do is find ten people to be my friends...

  7. lol;)

    anyway, i was think about you sitiation last night and thought of this. if there are any hills (6' of higher) in these woods your talking about, you could build a 4' high x 3' wide x 3' deep room. it would only take about an hour and a half the dig by yourself, that way noone else knows about it (for security). if there arent any hills around, dig a 3' wide x 4' long x 3' deep hole directly in the ground. to get access to the room, just lift a peice of wood off the top and prune the plants from the top. it would be a little compticated, but it would be a very small hole to dig. i'll try to explain better later (i'm not feeling too good right now:()
  8. where can ya get a generator, so u can give light to the plants.....
  9. a genterator will be load a getting assfucked by a horse. use a buried extension cord or somethin.

  10. yeah bury it as deep as you can...dont want a pet/family member digging it up on accident...

    i think im going to try this myself...ive never grown before, and dont have a clue how to, but ill learn lol...

    i live on 25 acres of land, and theres a truck shell (back cover thing) somewhere around behind my house..i think ill dig a hole around there, big enough to grow, and dig a 6-12 inches down for the extension cord to make sure it isnt fucked with...have the shell cover the entryway..the only problem i have though, is what about a cover? a top for the dirt?...a ceiling basically is what i mean...
  11. hm.. ok...im gunna use 1/2" - 1" thick boards for the roofing..have some boards on the walls to keep it from caving in..put dirt/mud above it with branches attached to the top...(it'll be near a creek where tons of cover is..its probably the best place...trees cover up everything so no one can see when people are entering and shit).. have a lock on it somehow...im gunna have two extension cords about one foot underground, leading to the thing...and have the lights set on a timer (12 hours on, 12 hours off), add maybe 2 fans (VERY silent ones...kids run around the creek)....and thats all i know so far haha...i hate doing this shit alone so ive been trying to find an accomplice..but no one wants to get their damn hands dirty..lazy asses...also: someone brought up that it might be pricey, but this guy was talking about a hardcore underground laboratory type shit..but..how much did you spend on everything, hippie john?...
  12. i havent spent shit. like i said, i want to make an underground grow room, but only have the hole dug. oh, and yesterday, i went out to the woods, and these fuckin kids from my neighborhood who ride their motorbikes around thinkin their all bad ass even though they suck, trashed the room, they busted the roof up and shit, so I've abandoned that hole and sure as hell not gonna dig another one that big. I'm gonna dig a small 3' x 3' x 2.5' deep hole somewhere that has heavy blackberry cover so the little shits dont ruin it. I solved the problem of the electricity issue. see, the hole is like a 1/2 mile from my house, so a cord under the ground from my house is outta the question. but by the road (the woods are right next to the towns enterance road) theres a sign that has some welcome stuff written on it and theres a light that shines onto the sign at night. so i figured that if i can tap that electricity, i could run a cord to my growroom thats like 100' away. I'd go over to the sign at like 1:00 in the morning when theres no traffic, and splice my cable into the electrical box under the false brick (i've studied the entire electrical system there, accually, i know where all the utility cables and electrical boxes in my whole town are;)). i'll use flourecent lights in the box, so if a worker finds it i wont have a lot of money tied up in it. I dont want heavy yeild from it, i just want some stuff to sell to get money for my indoor grow, such as better lights, higher quality nutrients, etc.

    do you have any city or residential power boxes within ~200' of your grow location? cause if so you should give that a try.:)
  13. oh sorry, i didnt see the WANT part...

    damn that sucks that they trashed it...but thats cool that you've got everything all planned out..like the whole electric issue and shit...a 3x3x2.5 isnt that big, though =\...hopefully you wont get caught, cuz they'll trace the tap back to the weed...so i suggest wearing gloves everytime you do something with it, just in case lol...i doubt they would make it that big of a deal..but who knows...

    the creek area i plan on digging at is about 2 extension cords away..but before i do anything, i gotta get rid of the bees nest on the side of the house..everytime i go by them they send a few bees after me to see what im doing n shit..dont want them to attack me..not sure what kind they are...so itll be awhile till i start digging...im gunna make it big enough for me to stand in (well bigger)...

    no i dont have much of anything near me, i live in wine country...im pretty far from everything, other than houses..but i only live near 3 houses lol...

    itll be fine by extension cord...i just dont wanna do this by myself lol..

    i mainly want to grow for myself and my friends..the only people ill deal to are my friends, and id make sure they dont tell anyone that i deal..otherwise theyll be cut off..

    whats your aim name, hippiejohn, if you have one..i wanna exchange ideas..i wanna do this right the first time lol =)
  14. aim name? i dont know what that is, so i probably dont have one:D. anyways, yeah, a hole big enough for you to stand in is gonna take a while to dig (unless your like 3' tall) but the bigger the better. i might make the hole a little bigger, but i depends on how i feel at the time;). when your digging your hole, please, please, make it so its covered in blackberry, or another type of prickly bush. now only does it deter from people snooping around, deer and other animals are less likely to fuck with it.:)

    P.S. i have a messenger adress, if you have that;)
  15. yeah i have MSN Messenger, im rarely on though lol..

    my MSN is: cherrymasher@hotmail.com (not my email though ;))

    im 5'9, so it'll be probably 6'....it will take awhile im sure..well.. a long while...there's a lot of broken branches in the area im digging in..branches, leaves, etc..so it'll have a lot to cover it..the only thing im really worrying about is the kids fucking with it while im in process of doing it....i guess ill have to create a top before i start digging then..hm..but what i think ill do is glue a ton of sand and branches and shit to the top, and put more over it...there arent any thorny bushes around that area but ill see what i can do lol...i think a lot of dirt and branches will do good, though...

    i think im gunna make it 3/4 feet wide...

    i dont get it..none of my stoner friends wanna help me do this..even though they're gunna get weed out of it and shit...LAME..lol

    oh well..more for me? hah....
  16. this is what it will look like basically...this isnt really descriptive..like..it doesnt show the ceiling or anything..but yeah..this is what im gunna do

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  17. looks good! you have a lotta digging to do;)
  18. alright here's a better version of it...it's more of a checklist for myself, thats why there are a lot of underscores..

    the more i get into it, the more ill have descriptions (like later, im gunna put a graphic for the electric box and shit like that)...maybe ill make a new post and do this..kind of a grow log in a way? hehe

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