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  1. I'm just a kid and I don't have money,privacy,or time to put into real growing but me and a close friend were looking for a way of producing some cheap smoke when we're in a pinch or we cud jsut sell it to buy better stuff. Now I was wondering if it would work if I would take about 20 or so seeds,,sprout them and plant them near a stream (moister more fertile soil) in a local woods, this area is pretty deserted..not many people pass through and i'd find a good enough spot to keep them hidden. If i were to do this is in the beginning of next spring what would you say my chances of success are?
  2. ...regular bag seeds that is
  3. if the seeds sprout...and some animal or person doesnt take em on ya...chances are good
    and dont sell it...u can prob grow better weed than u can buy.
    dont be apart of the problem be apart of the solution
  4. My opinion would be to find a stream and dig a little irrigation canal and find some old pvc pipe. This would guarantee the plants enough water and if you get a lot of pvc pipe you can plant them farhter away from the stream into a more secluded place. this of course does take more time and money but i think its worth it.
  5. Try to put in a little time and go to some effort,i use to grow when i was young and found that it was better to plant in pots with what i had available to me in the area, with some manure mixed in for for extra food for the plants.On my second go when i was 16 i grew 5 ounces of pretty good bud off of one plant.I was careful not to visit my spot too often as this would leave tracks straight to my plot.I just used to go there only when i had too and placed manure on it every time.You can buy those black plastic collapseable pots pretty cheap and if you add lots of manure and organic matter into them and place them in a sunny spot you will be off to a good start.The best of luck to you and remember to be patient.Happy smokin and the best of luck.


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