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  1. wat is the best soil and fertilizer to use for outdoor growing
  2. way wrong forum...scroll down more when you are in the menu

  3. what are u talkin about?...hes got an outdoor grow question...........i used a tomato growing soil and some time released nute pellets that are 19/6/12...that worked pretty well for me, although they say not to use time release nutes
  4. the last three years ive used miracle grow soil and i mix it with the dirt where im gonna plant .this year i dug abut 2 and a half feet down first then started putting the soil back in the hole about 2/3 miracle grow soil to 1/3 dirt that way the roots can travel easier .but thats just me ive never been in a forum before this .but my babies are beautiful right now about 5 feet tall ,and thats after being tied down all over
  5. Soil
    Promix + Watering crystals

    Pure Blend Pro Grow and Bloom + Sea Minerals
  6. Nothing's wrong about your question, keep on asking!

    As for growing medium I use ProMix BX and for ferts Foxfarm Grow Big (vegging) and Foxfarm Tiger Bloom (Budding)



  7. whats the nute content on the grow big? and how much were both?

  8. 6-4-4 and $40.99 (I buy it by the Gallon) 1 Quart $14.99

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