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  1. Is it normal for a baby plant to have light redish stem??
  2. ^^

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  3. The seedling looks normal to me but what is it growing in?
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  4. In a jiffy peat pellet
  5. It's normal. Are you planning to run the plant outdoors? It's pretty late if you live in Northern America.

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  7. You need to better position it in the pellet so the staples root is not exposed. The seedling is fine, you need to let it do its thing.

    Not sure where you're at, but flowering is about to start here, for me in Cali it's around august 1-15 I have a plant that's already flowering.

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  9. Good luck with growing outdoors. Don't expect much or it to finish before winter comes. Any plants grown outdoor should be planted outdoors June 1. You should start them at least a week or two+ prior indoors for best results. Planting this late the plant will most likely not finish until late Nov or Dec, and will not produce much flowers. You are better of setting up some sort of indoor grow instead of wasting time outdoors. While you wait for next season I recommend taking this time to learn. Buy a copy of the Cannabis Encyclopedia by Jorge Cervantes. Read the book at least twice and you will have a good understanding of what it takes to grow cannabis. It's not as easy as most people think. A investment in this book will pay off with larger yields, less problems and will be a valuable resource you can use to find the solution to problems you encounter in the future. The book also teach you how to make different types of concentrates, breeding, harvesting, etc. Hand down the best investment you can make into you growing future. Supplement what you learn from the book with Grasscity and videos and you will be on the Toad to success.

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