Outdoor growing using indoor seeds?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by fikus6, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody :wave:

    This year I'm planing on planting couple of seeds outdoors, but the problem is that the seeds I got say they are for indoor use.

    Would it make a difference if I planted them outside anyway?

    The seeds I got are White Widow from Greenhouse company and Super Skunk from Sensi seeds.

  2. Nope, as long as the weather conditions you're dealing with aren't too crazy, it shouldn't be much of a problem. I've seen both those strains do quite well outdoor so I wouldn't be too worried!
  3. I got a couple of autos. passed on to me from a friend who didn't have the room in their cab. , they were a little burned from over feeding and just starting to flower, I have them outside right now and they are doing pretty good under the sun. I have also started a wonder woman , a blue mystic and some other (don't remember it's name right now) variety that is sold for indoor. All of these are going into 10 gallon air pruning pots . We shall see. Lets keep everyone informed.
  4. What about Royal Flush? Because I might want to plant as many seeds as possible I think it might be wise to plant them on my moderately concealed balcony so that odour isn't an issue. But I can't get any refunds, and these are the seeds I bought. I live in Canada, but in a warm area.
  5. I think they will work very well and there might not be any problem. As the seeds need the nutrient and whatever may be the medium. So from my side bast luck.
  6. A lot of the dutch seedbanks base their indoor/outdoor recommendations on the dutch climate, so if you have better weather you should be fine.
  7. Your white widow from ghsc will do very well if you can grow well into october, I grew it last year and got 4 pounds from 5 plants in 30 gal smart pots, the bud is potent and has good mold resistance, I started them late april in 3gal pots and transplanted them first day of june into the 30 gal smart pots, I also tied them down several times early on, dont pick them early they may appear to be done but letting them go the extra few weeks really increases the potency, I harvested mine between oct 15-20th. Its a good outdoor strain I have 5 more going this year. Dont know about the super skunk I havent grown it.
  8. Indeed, my Royal Flushes seem to be doing well, but I have to watch out for severe storms.
  9. hey fikus6

    Boggieman is right about the GH WW. its a good outdoor strain. The super skunk is a bit more difficult and doesnt finish at 38 until Oct 30.

    Overall, growing indoor strains outdoors can be iffy. Often, indoor strains have little resistance to disease, hail, wind and bug swarms. WRhino for example has very brittle branching which is no problem indoors, but is a major problem outdoors. Trainwreck and others have big buds and weak spindly stems which make them a tough grow out in the wild and wooly and many inbred strains,(ibl's) such as Deep Chunk are genetically weak, slow growing and just cant be grown outdoors with any real success.

    Some strains have been grown and bred indoors to the poiint that they have acclimated to a 12/12 flowering trigger which means they wont finish unless you live below 30N.

    Do some reading in the strain reports section above. There are many tried and true strains that do well outdoors.
  10. They'll grow. The strain was breed for indoors, but its still a weed, and as such will grow outdoors. It's more about where it would grow best in my understanding.
  11. I lost a few plants, due to not knowing the new area I moved to. It either did not get enough light, not enough water and/or critters.

    So, being later in the season, I ordered bubblegum because I really like it, but was unsure about how it would do, due to it being considered an indoor plant. The reaseach I have done, leads me to conclude the it should do fine outside. I did do fem+auto, so I suppose my yield may be less, but I am going to make sure they get plenty of sunshine, water, and good dirt. So far all I have to say for it are chigger bites! its worth it!

    Billy Buzzard

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