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  1. Hi all! Excellent forum, I'd say the best on the net today! Thank much for all the info!

    Quick question... I live in so cal and would like to try growing outdoors. Bought some seeds and now i have a dilemma when to start?

    Also, how long would it take ?

    Any input is appreciated!

  2. Welcome to GC........I would recommend reading anything you can find on here by cantharis, Corto Malteze and Old Pork for starters. These guys have the outdoor grow thing down to a science.....and are very helpful. There are several other outdoor grow guys here worthy of a shout out, I'm just letting you know of the ones that come to mind first.

    Read their grow journals and ask your questions, and your grow will be all the better for it.
    Good Luck!
  3. Start minimum after last frosts. BUT since you're in So cal, I recommend to start in June to reduce water trips and not have unconcealable monsters. The female buds will show in beg. August and finish in Sept-Oct6Nov, depnding on the strain. On the breeder page, if you bought these, if it says 8 weeks for example, they mean 8 weeks of flowering starting in August.
  4. Thanks a bunch for the great info! Water trips should not be an issue for me... Since I am new to growing, I was thinking to do several rounds of planting, just in case the first one does not work out for some reason (1st plant in March, second in mid April and third in June)... but it looks like it doesn't make sense to do that. :rolleyes:
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    They all bud around same time so it will just make more or less big plants if you start early or not. With your type of season, a late extra grow is a good idea if you want smaller but ripe plants and buds. Good Luck.
  6. hahaha!
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    Thanks all for excellent replies I really appreciate it.

    I was wondering if this spot would do for planting a few ladies ? It's a hill, going downward South to North. Where exactly would be the most appropriate spot to plant ? I am thinking maybe somewhere in between those trees/bushes ?


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    Don't post Google maps of your grow although I suppose this is just an illustration. It's hard to tell from the sky if this is a good spot (is that a cabin next to it?). Is this place remote? I'd say, not enough vegetation. My spots are in thick homogeneous large remote areas. I never plant in clearings but in the middles of medium sized trees, tall bushes, on elevated places or places not visible from an opposite elevated location. I don't plant in the beige parts but in bigger all green thick areas. Good luck! I hardly worry about the sun expo, I just make sure it's not facing north. The sun is everywhere and in maaaaany spots out in the wild.
  9. Thanks CM! This place is somewhat remote, it's on the hill and there is one house, about 50 yards to the north, on the other hill. I thought to plant between those big trees so that the trees would block the view from the house across.

    Those beige spots are now grassy and I plan to plant some more tall bushes there.

    Yes, that's a booth! I keep my monster dog there!! woof!:poke:
  10. ok man, good luck!

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